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Rebuilding America with Chad Grills

Chad Grills is a veteran, entrepreneur and the author of the currently-being-crowdfunded-book: Veterans: Don’t Reintegrate, Rebuild America.

Chad and I happen to have a very similar background, and like myself, he is currently occupying his time with a cornucopia of projects.

(bonus points for using the word cornucopia in a sentence)

In today’s broadcast, we touch on some seemingly random topics (but I promise – they make sense in context), including:

Chad’s military background, his new book, Antifragility, Post Traumatic Growth, and how to hit the ground running as a military veteran transitioning into the civilian world.

By the way, Chad has less than two days left to fund his new book.

I already have my copy preordered.

You can support Chad and get your copy here.

What Chad Grills and I Talk About:

  • Chad’s transition out of the military and into the civilian world
  • Antifragility and how it applies to creating a better life
  • All about the Regret Minimization Framework
  • Post Traumatic Growth, or: how to turn trauma into momentum, regardless of where it comes from
  • How to transform fear into prudence, pain into information, mistakes into initiation and desire into undertaking
  • How to beat entrenched businesses as a bootstrapping underdog
  • Why it’s important to constantly run small experiments for personal and entrepreneurial growth

Wise Words from Chad Grills on Rebuilding America:

As Entrepreneurs, we need to give ourselves as much exposure to the upside while limiting the downside.

Where You Can Find Chad Grills Online:

Additional Resources:

Antifragile by Nassim Taleb (exclusive veterans mastermind and network)

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How to Validate a Minimum Viable Product with Cheryl Woodhouse

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I write about product development (starting, finishing, and shipping products and services) a lot.

Part of the process for successfully shipping a product or service to market is making sure it will work BEFORE you spend months or years building it.

This is what we mean when we say: minimal viable product.

The minimal viable product or MVP is the most basic, version 1.0 product you can build that can then be sold to early adopters to see if your idea is good or bad.

Yes, it’s that simple.

No, it’s not easy.

In today’s interview, I sit down with marketer and author of Start Something: A Step by Step Guide to A Successful Business, Cheryl Woodhouse to talk product development, how to validate your ideas cheaply and quickly, and how she’s helped dozens of clients create something their audience loves (without breaking the bank).

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What Cheryl Woodhouse and I talk about:

  • How to identify a solution that will succeed in the marketplace
  • How to create your minimal viable product (MVP) and launch it to the world
  • The importance of the number 100 in the product validation phase
  • How to find or create distribution channels for your product or service (i.e. how to find people to sell your product to!)
  • All about Cheryl’s personal story, starting as a copywriter then transitioning to marketing and strategy
  • And much more…

Wise Words from Cheryl Woodhouse:

“Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from putting something out there.” [share]

Where You can Find Cheryl Woodhouse Online:




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adrian_hoppelThe Business of Giving

No contracts.

No selling.

No price.

That’s how today’s guest, Adrian Hoppel, a Philadelphia-based web designer, does “business.”

Instead, he simply gives his work away – as a gift – and expects nothing in return.

Yet instead of being taken advantage of, Adrian’s business has flourished.

Last year, he worked on 25 projects and ended up getting paid more per project than he would have had he used fixed pricing.

And less than half way through this year, Adrian’s already more than tripled his total projects from last year (in fact, he’s had to hire multiple employees…and get this: they ALL work in the gift economy).

And the requests for his gift-based work continue to flow in.

In today’s broadcast, we talk all about the Gift Economy, Pay What You Want pricing, how to build and manage a team in the gift economy, and even touch on Adrian’s military background and how it’s helped him in his new efforts.

Seriously, this is one of the most fun interviews I’ve done and Adrian’s story is incredible.

You need to listen for your own good :)

What Adrian Hoppel and I talk About:

  • Why Adrian left corporate work to pursue his dream of living and working in the gift
  • All about the Gift Economy (and what that means from a practical standpoint)
  • How a little book called Sacred Economics changed Adrian’s life
  • How Adrian has tripled his business in just a few months and how he’s managing it all
  • What it takes to create a gift-based business where no money or exchange is expected (you’re going to be blown away by this, I promise)
  • How Adrian leads a team of employees using gift-economy principles
  • How Adrian once argued with a client for being TOO generous in return for his work (and why he’s stopped doing that…good choice!)
  • The specific process Adrian goes through to live and work in the Gift Economy

Wise Words from Adrian Hoppel:

“There is no road map for working in the gift economy.” [SHARE!]


“Everything I need happens when I need it.” [share this]


Where You can Find Adrian Hoppel Online:




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