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Reasons You Should Contact Me:

  1. You’re stuck and need help getting unstuck
  2. You are an entrepreneur, artist, writer, etc. and want to be on my podcast
  3. You want to get your book published
  4. You want someone to create a compelling 15-60 min presentation for your company or classroom on the topic of starting, creative entrepreneurship, or publishing (or something in between)
  5. You need an adviser or consultant for a creative business project you’re working on
  6. You’re a solopreneur or bootstrapper trying to figure out how to get your business off the ground (and need advice and guidance)
  7. You want to collaborate on a creative project (for my publishing company or something else entirely)
  8. You just want to say hi
  9. You’re a student or veteran and want to build a business but you’re not sure what to do (I do pro-bono consulting on a first-come first-serve basis)


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