Once More Into the Fray

The Creative Journey In the movie The Grey, John Attway (the protagonist played by Liam Neeson) is a grizzled wolf hunter. He works for an oil pipeline and protects the employees from wolf attacks, which (according to the movie) are common in the wild of Alaska. The movie begins with this crew of workers getting […]

Do Great Work

The Most Likely Result This is it – your project is almost complete. You took the uncertain and difficult steps from start (creating the idea) to finish (bringing the idea to life), and now you’re ready to ship. It’s tough work, creating something from scratch, but you didn’t give up. And now is the moment […]

5 Things You MUST Do To Ship Your Project Successfully

Doing the Work I’ve been busy recently… Very busy. January came and went with the initiation of several big projects – stuff I didn’t think I would finish by February… But, somehow, I’m on track to ship (subscribe to my blog to get insider sneak peaks and first releases of awesome content, products and projects […]

Keep Fighting

At Least Trying When I was a sophomore in college, I tried to do something I wasn’t sure I could do. I decided to compete in the Brigade Open Boxing Tournament. The Brigade Open is an annual event at West Point.  It’s a chance for anyone to enter the ring and compete for a title […]