How to Find Your True Calling

Have you found your true calling? Seriously, have you? I know this question can come off sounding corny… After all, “finding a calling” sounds like something only hippies and hipsters (cousin of hippy) have time to ponder (over cups of latte or green juice, I’m sure). For the rest of us who are trying to […]

5 Reasons to Share Your Work

Today’s blog post is about a question I don’t ever get asked, but I wish people WOULD ask me: Tom, why should I share my work online? Great question, Tom! And I’ll explain in one second. But first, a backstory… I started my terminal leave from the Army 1 year ago this month (actually, 28 […]

11 steps to building a heart-centered business from scratch

Last week, we wrapped up the The Flight Formula LIVE – an intensive, in-person, heart-centered business incubator program. For 7 days, a small group of motivated entrepreneurs met in the mountains of Asheville to discover their gifts, activate their purpose, and build heart-centered businesses from scratch. Jason and Asher led the way (with me providing […]

How I Helped Launch a Passion-Based Business that’s on Target for $100,000 in Revenue (our strategy and techniques exposed)

Learn how to launch a business from scratch with the “Business Building Toolkit” 8 months ago I left the Army. It was a pretty great moment, I’m not going to lie. For the past 9 years (yes, 9 years), I had been part of an organization that wouldn’t let me go a day without shaving […]