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What Do You Really Need?

Do you really need more money in your bank account before you can create something worthwhile?

Do you really need to develop a routine before you can start making something great?

Do you really need more time in the day before you can dare boldly?

Or is it possible that you can create something worthwhile regardless of the number of zeros in your checking account; or that by making something great you create the routine you need; or that just maybe ‘no time’ is precisely the right time to dare boldly…

Breaking Through Excuses

Writing a book, building a business, creating something without permission – these things are hard to do and they’re plagued with setbacks and failure.

Of course, the enemy knows this and uses it against us.  Excuses are just another tactic used by the enemy to stop us from creating our life’s work.

But like anything the enemy throws at us, we can overcome it.

We can prepare ourselves by recognizing these universal truths of creation:

1)  Excuses are ever-present.

I promise you this – there are a million reasons you shouldn’t start today, why tomorrow works/feels/seems better – but none of these reasons matter.  They don’t keep you from doing the work: you do.

With a simple choice, right now, you delay building your worthwhile project.

Or, with the same simple choice, right now, you begin building your empire. 

The choice is yours every day.

2)  Nothing is built in a vacuum.

There will never be a perfect time, place, or set of companions for you to begin your journey.

There will always be mountains to climb, swamps to traverse and dragons to slay.

This isn’t a reason not to start, it’s the reason you MUST start – otherwise there is no journey, no hero, and no story worth telling.

3)  You have one life but many chances.

The crazy reality of life is this: it isn’t training.  This isn’t a sparring competition getting you ready for the actual fight.

This is it. 

This is the real thing.  This is the main event.  You were born into it.  You have one life to live – no do overs, no second chances.

So you have a choice: fight like hell or throw the match.

Either way, you’re going to take a hit (many hits, actually).

While it might seem like throwing the match, which requires less of your energy and strength up front, is the easier choice, the fact is this: you’re going to take way more hits throwing the match than if you stand your ground, keep your gloves up, and hit back.

And I’m sorry to say but opting out to spectate or referee isn’t an option.  You might not like it, but that’s the reality.

So how will you fight?

The Best Way to Overcome Excuses

Is by starting.

Start right now.  Not tomorrow, not next week – right now.

Now is the best time for you to start; now is the best place for you to begin your journey; now is the best way for you to climb the mountain and slay your dragon.

It’s not easy, but let’s be honest: would you have it any other way?

Good luck and keep fighting.

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Broadcast 5:


When Something is Broken…

What do you do about it?

When you see a problem, what’s the first thing you do?

Most of us probably Google a solution and if we don’t find something in a few minutes we learn to deal with the problem and move on.

But not Nate Kutsko.

When Nate sees a problem that no one has solved, he solves it himself.

The Art of Inventing

Nate spent most of his life inventing solutions to common (and sometimes not so common) problems.

A couple years ago, Nate noticed that a power tool he owned had no proper belt holding solution on the market.  Most of us would be forced to deal with this problem or try to rig a regular belt to make it fit.

Not Nate: he invented a holding clip solution for the product.

Nate is also a golf enthusiast.  One day, he was wondering why there wasn’t a way to properly teach yourself to golf rather than pay for expensive coaches.  Most of us would simply spend more time on the driving range or play more rounds of golf.

That wasn’t good enough for Nate.  Instead, he invented a real time camera recording system that allows the golfer to view himself while he golfs using advanced eye-wear and recording technology.

More recently, Nate recognized a major shortcoming in the design of all cutting boards on the market.  Instead of dealing with these shortcomings, he designed an elegant solution and created a business out of it.

For Nate Kutsko, solving problems isn’t a thing to be avoided; it’s what creating your life’s work is all about.

About Nate Kutsko

Nate is an inventor, designer, artisan craftsman and serial entrepreneur.

Nate is the founder and CEO of Kutsko Kitchen, a company that not only invents incredible products for your home and kitchen, but also teaches aspiring chefs and kitchen artists how master their craft.

Nate has a civil engineering degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point and is an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran.

He started making cutting boards in 2011 to fix some of the problems he experienced while making meals at home.

His practical solution developed into a series of beautiful, boutique boards and other kitchen tools.


Things we talk about:

  • Why developing creativity from a young age is a big advantage as an entrepreneur
  • Why solving your own problems is the best way to solve other people’s problems
  • Why ‘there’s gotta be a better way’ is always true
  • The benefit of an engineering background to create truly versatile and useful products
  • The power of false starts on improving and honing our skills
  • Why creating a catalog of EXPERIENCE is essential to long term success
  • Why it helps to have a nest egg before you transition to full time entrepreneurship
  • The power of having side income while design, growing and expanding your business
  • Why the best avenue for a successful start-up is to be married (true story!)
  • The difficulty of inventing and selling physical products (and why it’s worth it)
  • How to come up with great ideas (a simple, powerful two step formula you shouldn’t miss)
  • Why fear is ever-present when you’re an entrepreneur and how to deal with it
  • How everyone is faking it and why this should be a reassuring thought
  • The most effective way to market (hint: it has to do with trust)
  • The power of grit and never quitting
  • Finding inspiration through Kickstarter campaigns

Great Quotes From the Interview:

“It’s easy to look at a book and learn from it, but until you’ve done it, you don’t really understand the fears and insecurities – all the things that go into taking action.”

“I developed a knack for connecting experiences in my life…I’m always looking outside of the box – into other industries, other unrelated fields that may have an idea that I can connect with the problem I’m trying to solve.”

“The idea of getting a job would be great for many reasons, but at the end of the day, I don’t think I’d be satisfied as a person.  I’ve got this itch I have to scratch.”

“Everyone has a breaking point, but if I reached it, I forgot and kept going.” (definitely tweet this)

“Everyone is out there kind of faking it – even the big corporations…we’re all winging it.”

“Do stuff.  If you’re a cook then cook…never quit on the first try…you’ve just got to do it, over and over again until you get the results you want.” (tweet this)

“The most important thing is market analysis early on: Having an honest assessment of how big your market is, who your market is.  What am I selling and how am I going to make a living from it?”

“You should create for yourself, first and foremost.” (tweeeeet)

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Additional Show Notes:

Kutsko Kitchen


Steal Like an Artist


The Comforting MythChoosing Your Path

Coming up with a brilliant, life-altering idea is what matters.

If you could only come up with that one perfect idea…

It could re-energize you to tackle your project, inspire you to go after your audacious goal, and light your path to success, happiness and contentment.

Of course, this is a myth.

The moment we stop to really think about it, it’s clearly irrational – one idea by itself never changes anything.  But we believe it anyway, because as long as we believe it and we haven’t had that spark, that realization, that epiphany, we can justify our current situation and continue to go with the flow.

By waiting for something to happen to us, we abdicate responsibility over our lives and we continue down the path set by others. 

For many (for the majority) this is comforting.

So if the life-altering idea is a myth, what is true?

The Brutal Truth


Action is what matters.

Small action taken daily changes everything.  Not all at once, of course, but gradually over time.

So the year after you changed your diet, you’re 20lbs lighter – or 20lbs heavier because you ditched the diet and continued down the same path you were on.

Or your commitment to blogging created enough content for you to publish your first book – or it didn’t because you scrapped the writing altogether because no one was paying attention.

Or you finally founded your own company and you’re proud to say you draw your own map – or you have no company because you never actually worked up the courage to quit your comfortable, inoffensive job.

Ideas?  They’re a dime a dozen.

A small action today?  It’s worth everything.

The Choice

Each of us has a choice – many choices, actually, every day of our lives.

And every day, every hour, every minute, is the chance to choose – and, therefore, the chance to change.

You can:

1.     Continue down the path you’re on and wait for an idea…

Who knows, maybe it will come.

Maybe the idea you’re hoping will strike a cord and call you to action will hit you over the head if you wait long enough.  Worst case scenario, you continue meandering on your current path, the one set and well trodden by others.


2.     Take action today…

In a second, literally, you can change everything. 

This change is a declaration made through action.  Even the smallest action changes the status quo – at least your status quo, at this moment, which is the first step toward creating lasting, large-scale change.

This is the harder path, of course – no reason to sugar coat it. 

You’re walking down your current path for a reason; switching paths or turning around and walking the opposite way means having to put effort into retracing your steps – and sometimes that feels like a waste.  When we turn around, even if it’s for the right reason, it still feels as if we’re losing progress.

But if you’ve been making progress down a path you don’t care for, toward an end you don’t want, turning around is actually the only way to truly make any progress at all.

If you are on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; and in that case the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive man. [C.S. Lewis]

In one moment, in one choice, in one action, you can turn it all around.

The question is: will you?