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Winning the Battle for Attention with Ryan Hanley

content warefare bookHow often do you find yourself competing for attention online?

If you’re a writer, artist, entrepreneur, or blogger, chances are a lot.

It comes with the territory.

There are millions of websites and our audiences’ time and attention are limited.

So the question is: how do you distinguish yourself from the crowd and earn that well deserved attention for your high quality content?

Enter: Ryan Hanley.

Ryan is the creator of ContentWarfare.com, the host of the Content Warfare Google Hangout / Live Podcast, and the founder of Hanley Media Labs.

Ryan is THE leading authority on winning the war for attention online by building your brand the right way (and a person whose advice I implicitly trust – something I say about very few people).

The best part: Ryan isn’t keeping his genius to himself.

Instead, he’s  taking all the knowledge and experience he’s gained over the years from building brands online and putting it into a book he’s launching through a new book crowdfunding platform called Publishizer:

Check out Ryan’s book (appropriately titled: Content Warfare) on Publishizer here.

In today’s podcast, we sit down and discuss Ryan’s background and how he transitioned from corporate America to online entrepreneurship; how he became a leading authority in building brands online; and his unique journey to published author.

p.s. Ryan is crowdfunding his book right now and he needs your support. If you enjoy the interview and would like to improve your chances of success online, contribute to Ryan’s crowdfunding campaign. Not only will you get a great book (and a bunch of other bonuses depending on what level you contribute at), but you’ll be supporting an entrepreneur and author who definitely deserves it.

What Ryan Hanley and I talk about:

  • Ryan’s transition from accounting to online entrepreneur, Podcaster, and brand building authority
  • What Content Warfare is all about….
  • How to distinguish yourself from the crowd
  • The three ingredients for successfully capturing a segment of any market (hint: it has to do with Audience, Story, Experience)
  • The three components of Experience:
    • Customer Service: Good or Bad
    • Price: Low or High
    • Delivery: Fast or Slow
  • Which components of experience matter and which don’t (you might be surprised by this)
  • How to tell your story so that you attract the right customers
  • Which is the best social media platform and why (and how to implement it for your own success)
  • Why Ryan went the crowdfunding path for his book and how crowdfunding is changing the landscape of publishing for the better

Wise Words from Ryan Hanley:

“Attention without trust has little value”  [share]


 “Where once we as brands and marketers chose our audience, today our audience chooses us” [share]

Where You can Find Ryan Hanley Online:

content warefare podcastWebsite: www.ryanhanley.com



Other Resources:


* * *

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the entrepreneurs journey teaser imageThere it is.

After grinding it out for years…

After hustling every minute of every day….

After putting 100% of everything you’ve got into your journey…

You see the top and it’s within reach. It’s been a long time coming.

You take a knee to pause and reflect…

When you began, the wins were easy: beginners luck is on the side of every person starting a new adventure. Everyone supports you. You feel invincible. Even the Gatekeepers tip their hats, opening the gate for you to walk through. Some of your peers, so inspired by your enthusiasm, follow right behind you…

But once outside the ramparts of Median City, the easy wins fade; trials and challenges take their place, testing your intellect, passion and resolve.

The shock to your system reverberates down to your soul.

You want to turn back and return to the safety of the ramparts and masses you left behind. Your peers do just that (and now they’re sitting at the town tavern regaling stories of stepping outside the walls and their adventures that ended before they wanted them to, but life is life and you have to do the reasonable thing, right?).

Your heart sinks. You see the reason in your peers’ choices to turn back…but the thought doesn’t comfort you; it boils you to the core. Your feet stayed frozen, planted to the ground, not wanting to concede an inch to fear, uncertainty, or failure.

There you are, all alone once more. Scary at first, but then…freeing. For some reason, a weight has been lifted, as if you were carrying their packs all along. No longer.

You set off on your own, your burden less heavy, your mind clearer with every step.

Days, weeks, months pass…

You keep marching.

You conquer the Army of Bad Habits, navigate your way through Conundrum Forest, dodge and weave your way through Hater Swamp, and muscle your way up the testing Cliffs of Insanity…

At the top, you look around; all the progress you’ve made? A drop in the bucket compared to what lays beyond.

You keep marching.

Every day you learn something new. Each day, you become better: your skills expand, your strength (emotional and physical) improves, and your instincts become more refined. You handle your sword and shield effortlessly, as if the heavy steal is made of feathers – as if these tools are a part of you now. When the path diverges in the woods or stops dead in its tracks, you don’t wait for inspiration – your gut tells you left or right and you go – no hesitation.

But there’s a hidden side-effect to improvement: every increase in strength, intellect, and resolve brings with it a new path, a new obstacle, a new challenge that would have forced you to turn back just weeks or months ago, but now it’s within your ability to conquer.

Your skills have improved, but so have the challenges.

And with each new lesson-learned comes a painful realization: how much you still don’t know. It’s as if for every step up the jagged, rocky slope of Tribulation Mountain, another mile of perilous journey appears before your eyes.

You keep marching.


*    *    *

What the REAL Entrepreneur’s Journey looks like (click to enlarge)

The Entrepreneurs Journey (what the real dip looks like)*    *    *

More than a few times you want to quit; to throw in the towel and head back. Yet with each renewal of commitment to stick it out no matter what, providence provides you what you need, whether a new friend who walks the path with you for a while, access to new tools and resources to help you along the way, or an easy win you didn’t expect (even the smallest win in times of desperation can change everything).

You keep marching.

Through the wastelands, deserts, and valleys, you keep marching.

After so many tests, so many obstacles, so many struggles, you’re within reach.

You rise and make your way to the top.

You grab your prize – the goal that was just an ephemeral vision so many years ago, but here it is, in your hands, made manifest. As you enjoy a few brief moments of unfiltered gratitude and pride, you look around. Behind you, on the horizon, you can see the silhouette of Median City on the water. It sure would be nice to go back now and share your stories with old friends…

But then you spot something on the horizon, opposite the way you came. A distant light that glimmers in the fading sunlight. The whisper of light vanishes as quickly as it came into view, but the vision…the vision sticks with you. You don’t know what it was, but your heart does.

You make your way down the mountain.

Do you turn back or keep moving forward?

That’s an easy one.

You answered that question a long time ago.

You keep marching.

* * *

Started, finished, and shipped on the coast of Hourcon, Chile.

Total writing time: 3:03

Total drawing time: 3:16 (harder than it looks, I promise)



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adrian_hoppelThe Business of Giving

No contracts.

No selling.

No price.

That’s how today’s guest, Adrian Hoppel, a Philadelphia-based web designer, does “business.”

Instead, he simply gives his work away – as a gift – and expects nothing in return.

Yet instead of being taken advantage of, Adrian’s business has flourished.

Last year, he worked on 25 projects and ended up getting paid more per project than he would have had he used fixed pricing.

And less than half way through this year, Adrian’s already more than tripled his total projects from last year (in fact, he’s had to hire multiple employees…and get this: they ALL work in the gift economy).

And the requests for his gift-based work continue to flow in.

In today’s broadcast, we talk all about the Gift Economy, Pay What You Want pricing, how to build and manage a team in the gift economy, and even touch on Adrian’s military background and how it’s helped him in his new efforts.

Seriously, this is one of the most fun interviews I’ve done and Adrian’s story is incredible.

You need to listen for your own good :)

What Adrian Hoppel and I talk About:

  • Why Adrian left corporate work to pursue his dream of living and working in the gift
  • All about the Gift Economy (and what that means from a practical standpoint)
  • How a little book called Sacred Economics changed Adrian’s life
  • How Adrian has tripled his business in just a few months and how he’s managing it all
  • What it takes to create a gift-based business where no money or exchange is expected (you’re going to be blown away by this, I promise)
  • How Adrian leads a team of employees using gift-economy principles
  • How Adrian once argued with a client for being TOO generous in return for his work (and why he’s stopped doing that…good choice!)
  • The specific process Adrian goes through to live and work in the Gift Economy

Wise Words from Adrian Hoppel:

“There is no road map for working in the gift economy.” [SHARE!]


“Everything I need happens when I need it.” [share this]


Where You can Find Adrian Hoppel Online:

Website: http://adrianhoppel.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aphoppel

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adrianhoppelwebsites

* * *

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