ITT 071: How to Create Courses with Breanne Dyck

Subscribe on iTunes Download Audio Breanne Dyck is an author, learning strategist, and operations consultant. She helps microbusinesses (and their owners) make more money and have a bigger impact, by applying the principles of adult learning. In this broadcast, Breanne and I talk about: How her experience taking courses as an entrepreneur led her to […]

ITT 070: How to Prosper as a Writer with Honoree Corder

Subscribe on iTunes Download Audio Honoree Corder is the author of “Prosperity for Writers.” She has been a successful entrepreneur for almost twenty years, earning her first fortune and developing a lot of her skills with Shaklee Corporation, then as a business coach, and now as a successful author, executive coach, keynote speaker and corporate trainer. In this […]

ITT 069: How to Self-Publish with Matt Gartland

Subscribe on iTunes Download Audio Matt Gartland is the founder of, a creative agency that helps authors with the development of their books, podcast and other products. Matt specializes in digital content development at the nexus of web technologies, business thinking, editorial strategy, storytelling, and modern publishing. What Matt Gartland and I talk about in […]

ITT 068: How to Build a Media Platform with Greg Rollett

Subscribe on iTunes Download Audio Greg Rollett is the founder of Greg started to inspire millennials to do great things. What Greg Rollett and I talk about in this broadcast: How he used his experience in the music industry, especially being an “opening act” to help him with his writing career with How people […]

ITT 067: How to Automate E-mails to Grow Your Business with Paul Minors

Subscribe on iTunes Download Audio Paul Minors is a productivity writer. Paul started his platform by creating book summaries of popular non-fiction books. This helped him build a small, passionate audience organically through Google SEO. He has since turned his platform into a productivity resource – helping people do, be, and have more. According to Paul, […]