What Makes You The Expert?

This past June, my wife and I spent 15 days exploring Ecuador. Unlike the other countries we visited this past year, our Ecuador adventure involved a lot of bus travel. On the plus side, Ecuadorian bus travel is cheap. We traveled by bus from the Pacific Ocean to the Amazon jungle, with a couple stops […]

Just Beyond that Beach (the creator’s dilemma)

 Myrmidons! My brothers of the sword! I would rather fight beside you than any army of thousands! Let no man forget how menacing we are, we are lions! Do you know what’s waiting beyond that beach? Immortality! Take it! It’s yours! [Troy] Creators have a dilemma. We want the freedom to create whatever, whenever we […]

Why We Fail to Achieve Our Goals

Qualifying In the Army, soldiers have to zero and qualify with their weapon every six months. This is a requirement for everyone, regardless of rank or position. From cooks to pilots, Privates to Captains – everyone qualifies. Qualifying with a weapon means hitting a certain number of targets from set distances with a certain number […]

Talents and Time Decay

What do you do when presented with an uncertain path? Do you stick to what’s comfortable, to what’s safe? If there’s something on the line (and there always is), this would seem the prudent choice. After all, with uncertainty comes risk, and risk means danger – the reasonable choice would be to stick to what […]