11 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read in 2015

Last week, I wrote about starting fires. I believe that a great idea is a spark… And that a spark can turn into a great fire that can change our lives, as long as we bring the resources and hustle necessary to make that happen. How then do we expose ourselves to great ideas?  The short answer: Books. […]

How to Start Multiple Businesses, Blaze Your Own Path, and Instigate like a Professional: an Interview with Clay Hebert

In the Trenches: Episode 2 Here is the 2nd episode of “In the Trenches: The Resistance Broadcast Interview Series” and today I had the honor of interviewing Clay Hebert. [Listen to the Interview by clicking this link] Clay is an entrepreneur, blogger, multitasking ninja, and all around instigator. Clay began his career at Accenture.  After ten years […]

what will you create

Too many options… That’s the problem we have now. Too many options. 20+ years ago, that wasn’t the problem. There was a bottleneck of information, production, and distribution. That bottleneck created scarcity. Those who controlled the land, factories, or people decided what would be created and what shipped. Not now. You don’t have to wait […]