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You Can Change Your LifeClay Hebert

Or at least that’s what Clay Hebert did.

In 2008, Clay was at a crossroads.  Should he continue to work for Accenture, where he had a guaranteed salary and could easily move up the ladder?  Or should he branch off on his own path, a path completely uncertain and paved with obstacles and possible failure points.

It turns out serendipity was on his side: it just so happened that as Clay began soul-searching, he noticed a blog post by Seth Godin titled ‘If You Could Change Your Life’…

Would you?

And for Clay, the answer was yes.

Starting From Scratch

After the 6 month intensive MBA program, Clay went straight into bootstrapping his first business: Tribes Win.

At Tribes Win, Clay worked with a plethora of clientele, from entrepreneurs to authors, and helped them build their Tribes.

After the success with Tribes Win, Clay moved onto bootstrapping two more companies: and

Both businesses have the chance to redefine their genres (and yes, you should check them out).

Things we talk about:


  • The fear of walking away from a guarantee into the unknown
  • How to overcome fear
  • The difference between Freelancer and Entrepreneur (and why it’s crucial you know the difference)
  • “Product Market Fit” – and why you need to use it, whether you’re a writer or an entrepreneur
  • The power of the lean startup versus conventional business development
  • Why you should TEST and VALIDATE your business before you jump into your next venture
  • How to multi-task like a ninja…but also why it’s not recommended for most people!

Quotes to Live by From the Interview:

“Don’t start by building, start by validating.” (tweeeeet!)

“Get out of the building and talk to actual customers.” (tweet it!)





Additional Show Notes:

Crush It

Hugh Mcleod


Purple Cow

Tribes Win

Work Hacks

The Lean Startup

Launch Rock


In the Trenches: Episode 2Spindows

Here is the 2nd episode of “In the Trenches: The Resistance Broadcast Interview Series” and today I had the honor of interviewing Clay Hebert.

[Listen to the Interview by clicking this link]

Clay is an entrepreneur, blogger, multitasking ninja, and all around instigator.

Clay began his career at Accenture.  After ten years at Accenture, Clay left corporate America and got his MBA from Seth Godin.

Currently, Clay is building, a new startup that will change the way organizations collaborate (think of it like speed dating + skype + your organization).

Clay has created a number of startups, including:  Tribes Win, a marketing strategy and innovation agency, where he helped brands lead their tribes.  More recently, Clay began a new project called Work Hacks, where he helps people live a more productive, efficient, and streamlined lifestyle.

You can read Clay’s blog and find out more about him at Daily Sense.

Clay is a sought after speaker, writer, and entrepreneur, and this interview is essential listening for anyone looking to start their own project (book, business, or blog).

In the Trenches: an Interview with Clay Hebert – How to Start Multiple Businesses, Blaze Your Own Path, and Instigate like a Professional

In this interview, we cover:

  • Why it’s hard to be a linchpin inside a large, bureaucratic organization
  • What it was like to transition to Seth Godin’s MBA program
  • Why making a slower transition from conventional work to entrepreneurship might be the right strategy for many people
  • Why entrepreneurship isn’t jumping off a building and hoping the parachute deploys (it’s less risky if you do it right)
  • How you don’t have to quit your day job to make it as an entrepreneur
  • The difference between a freelancer and an entrepreneur; between a business that can’t scale and one that can
  • Why online software is such a compelling proposition for entrepreneurs (and how to make it actually work)
  • And one extremely compelling piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Why it’s essential you validate your ideas before you jump into your next project
  • Why you don’t need to raise tons of capital to create a successful startup from scratch

You can read more about Tribes Win here, Work Hacks here, and read Clay’s blog here.

Be sure to check out Spindows here, and read up on some of the interviews Clay has done regarding the new platform he is developing (very interesting stuff).

If you liked this interview, share it with everyone you know and reach out to Clay and thank him!


Some other highlights from our conversation:

Purple Cow: The essential guide on marketing and creating remarkable products.

War: A nonfiction work that follows a group of soldiers in Afghanistan – not for the feint of heart.

Crush It!: If you want to dominate in the online arena, you need to leverage the connection economy.

The Lean Startup: An incredible book on the power of validating an idea before you begin, failing fast and scaling fast (with minimal resources – great for the solopreneur).

Launchrock: Starting a project?  Validate it first.

Skillshare: Have something worth teaching?  Make money sharing your knowledge!


If you haven’t had a chance, catch In the Trenches: Episode 1 here.


Too many options…

That’s the problem we have now.

Too many options.

20+ years ago, that wasn’t the problem. There was a bottleneck of information, production, and distribution. That bottleneck created scarcity. Those who controlled the land, factories, or people decided what would be created and what shipped.

Not now.

You don’t have to wait for the producer to give you the go ahead. You don’t need to get the publisher’s approval.

For virtually no cost, you can create your own ebook and sell it online. If you want to create a hardcover copy, you can do that too – again, for no up-front fee (Amazon’s affiliate Createspace does just that). Want someone to fabricate a product for you, produce it in bulk, and ship it to a warehouse where another group of people can manage the fulfillment and distribution? A completely hands-off, automated business is completely possible with the click of a mouse.

All this leads to more access. Not only access BY the consumer, but access TO the consumer.  We now have access to become the producer. All of us, at least potentially, are producers in this new economy.

This is unprecedented.

Our problem now isn’t distance, or cost, or other seemingly insurmountable issues of the past.

Our problem now is one of choice.

It’s not who will let me, it’s who can stop me?

This is the new economy (covered at length in Chris Anderson’s incredible book The Long Tail).  The choice is in our hands to produce what we want.  We can’t complain any longer about something not being right or not being good enough. The burden is on the end user – because the end user is now the producer.

If you don’t like it, fix it. If it’s not good enough, create something better.

Want to reach your clients from across the country? Build a website and post daily workouts for them virtually. Wish your cutting board had a place to hold your knife or a way to channel the food into the bowl? Why not invent and produce an entire product line from scratch?   The options are infinite.

This doesn’t apply to neurosurgery, but the truth is it applies to a lot more than you might imagine.

We have the responsibility to be producers (now more than ever).

What will you create?