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How to Validate a Minimum Viable Product with Cheryl Woodhouse

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I write about product development (starting, finishing, and shipping products and services) a lot.

Part of the process for successfully shipping a product or service to market is making sure it will work BEFORE you spend months or years building it.

This is what we mean when we say: minimal viable product.

The minimal viable product or MVP is the most basic, version 1.0 product you can build that can then be sold to early adopters to see if your idea is good or bad.

Yes, it’s that simple.

No, it’s not easy.

In today’s interview, I sit down with marketer and author of Start Something: A Step by Step Guide to A Successful Business, Cheryl Woodhouse to talk product development, how to validate your ideas cheaply and quickly, and how she’s helped dozens of clients create something their audience loves (without breaking the bank).

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What Cheryl Woodhouse and I talk about:

  • How to identify a solution that will succeed in the marketplace
  • How to create your minimal viable product (MVP) and launch it to the world
  • The importance of the number 100 in the product validation phase
  • How to find or create distribution channels for your product or service (i.e. how to find people to sell your product to!)
  • All about Cheryl’s personal story, starting as a copywriter then transitioning to marketing and strategy
  • And much more…

Wise Words from Cheryl Woodhouse:

“Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from putting something out there.” [share]

Where You can Find Cheryl Woodhouse Online:




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Courage and Writing

dave ursillo

A lot of people have books in them…

But how many take the time to actually write them?

Enter: Dave Ursillo – a multi-published author and entrepreneur who helps creative self-starters live their leadership through artistry.

Dave’s written 8 books, is the leader of the Literati Writers – a small, private community of writers, and has done numerous speaking engagements around the country on the topics of communication and leadership.

In today’s broadcast, Dave and I sat down to discuss a topic near and dear to my heart:

  • COURAGE in writing

Dave shares his journey from working in politics to writing books and coaching writers full time.  While his story is interesting in and of itself, Dave also walks us through actionable steps to developing courage in writing and entrepreneurship.

Weather you are interested in writing, or you want actionable steps to develop courage and self-belief in your own artistry and business, today’s broadcast is for you.

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What Dave Ursillo and I talk about:

  • How Dave got his start in writing on September 11 2001
  • How this incredible event changed the scope of his writing (and his life)
  • The power of writing to create constructive thought and dialogue.
  • Dave’s start in the political world and how the nature of politics compelled him to start writing
  • Dave’s journey from the job he hated,to hitting 4 months of depression and working his way out using his creativity and passion
  • How Dave created the exclusive writers group: Literatti Writers
  • How to cultivate courage in your writing and life
  • Why we need to be fearless with our writing (and all our actions)
  • Why we need to surround ourselves with similar values (hint: it has to do with courage)

3 Tenets of Cultivating Courage in Writing (and Life):

  1. Daily Practice
  2. Surround Yourself With People who Have the Same Values
  3. Have Mentors and Role Models you Follow and Aspire to be Like

*note: we go in depth on each of these in the interview, so definitely check out the interview!

Awesome Quote from Dave Ursillo:

     dave ursillo thumbnail“Courage in writing is everything.” [Click to Tweet]


     “The journey in life is the greatest reward.”  [Click to Tweet]

Where You can Find Dave Ursillo Online:


Twitter: @daveursillo

Additional Resources and Links:

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In today’s interview, I talk with Dan about The Higher Purpose Project. It’s an intensive training course designed to help you live a life of courage aligned with your highest values.

It pretty much goes without saying that I support the project and encourage anyone interested to reach out to Dan and apply to be a part of it.

The application process ends mid August so hurry so you don’t miss your chance at grabbing one of the limited slots (they go fast).

Apply through this link.

The Higher Purpose Project

Starting From Scratch

In 2012, Dan Adams did something impossible.

With no experience, no resources and no connections, Dan created an award winning (2012 ESPY Award winning, actually) social project called Mission Kilimanjaro where he and a small team of veterans and civilians summited Kilimanjaro.

Of course, summiting Kilimanjaro, while impressive, isn’t the remarkable part…climbing it alongside a quadruple amputee while raising awareness for disabled kids and veterans (and donating $25,000 to the Mwereni Integrated School for the Blind) certainly is.

The Call to AdventureDan Adams of Athletic Capital

Dan’s story, though, like so many others, didn’t start at this culminating point – it started years before with many trials and tribulations.

Back in high school, Dan knew he wanted to play college football.  While a talented and disciplined player, he was considered undersized for his position as a middle linebacker (at 5’9” 190lbs give or take) and nobody expected him to play college football.

Not only did Dan make the team of a Division I school, he set a record for most unassisted tackles his junior year.  

Possibly even more impressive: he still owns the record for most unassisted tackles in one game many years later (he set the mark pretty high).

After college, Dan entered corporate America.  While he was doing okay for himself financially, he found himself emotionally drained from the unfulfilling work.  At one point in his career, Dan even brought in $34,000 in a single day.  A great day by anyone’s standards, to be sure.

For Dan, it was the worst day of his life.

Dan realized he wasn’t living the life he was advising others to live and this self-reflection led to an epiphany: you can’t change others by telling them what to do, you can only change others by setting the example and living the part.

So Dan set a date to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with Kyle Maynard to show veterans and kids with disabilities around the world that regardless of the challenges they face, no obstacle is too great to conquer.

In 2012, Dan and his team conquered Mount Kilimanjaro.

And now he’s off conquering new and greater obstacles.

Dan’s Hero’s JourneyDan Adam's Higher Purpose Project

This is just a short intro to Dan Adams – an incredibly intelligent, compassionate and driven person.  In today’s broadcast, I sit down with Dan to dig into his story and find out how he did what he did (and what he’s planning for the future).

Just one of the remarkable things we talk about: how Dan uses disciplined visualization to achieve success (from visualizing the plays and tackles he’s going to make the night before a game, to the visualization process for creating an award winning initiative from scratch).

Simply put – if you’re interested in improving yourself or your performance in any aspect of your life, you HAVE to listen to this interview. 

Dan’s the real deal and we dig into exactly what he did to create success in so many aspects of his life.  I know I personally took a ton of notes and plan on listening to this podcast more than once as I develop the projects I’m working on.

So enjoy today’s broadcast and please leave a review on iTunes! when you finish.

What Dan Adams and I talk about:

  • How Dan transitioned from corporate America to founding an award winning movement in less than two years
  • How Dan took the leap into doing work he’s passionate about
  • Why the first step is the hardest (but also the most important)
  • The importance of adversity and taking big leaps
  • Dan’s 2 painful and personal experiences that changed his life
  • The importance of embodying the virtues we want to see in others (and living the life we want to see others live)
  • How Dan uses visualization to manifest his life on a daily basis (seriously, he’s set national records and won massive awards using this technique)
  • What it’s like to start with no experience, no resources, and no connections, yet still craft and bring into reality an award winning project
  • The power of focusing on one thing at a time
  • How Dan creates success in his life through persistent focus and discipline
  • How Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” influenced Dan’s personal creative journey
  • How Dan built an award winning mission by learning from others and connecting the dots
  • How fear is an indicator to take the first step and a guidepost that you’re headed in the right direction
  • The power of expressing authentic gratitude for another persons work as a way to start a powerful relationship
  • Why having the mindset of creating value for others will always lead you to success
  • How Dan bootstrapped a massively successful personal change initiative (and how next year will be even better)
  • Why you need to embrace Neverland (the Peter Pan story Neverland, not Michael Jackson’s ranch)

Awesome Quotes:

On the need for adversity:

“When everything is comfortable we don’t take the steps we need to evolve.” [tweet]

On fear (and courage):

“Whenever I fear something I go right at it.  I see fear as the accelerator.” [tweet]

On starting your hero’s journey:

 “The people that succeed are the people that take the first step.” [tweet]

A Short Clip from Dan’s Project: Mission Kilimanjaro:

Where You Can Find Dan:

Additional Show Notes

Joseph Campbell (Hero’s Journey) Collected Works

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