3 Life-Transforming Reasons You Should Go on More Adventures

Change Your Input, Change Your Life When’s the last time you made yourself uncomfortable? This question isn’t rhetorical and it’s definitely worth answering (at least to yourself). Why? Because your answer is indicative of the life you’re currently living – for better or worse. So many of us instinctively stick to what we know. We […]

How to Find the Strength to Continue When You Feel Like Quitting (a letter to those in the trenches)

On the Pain of Creative Work Creative work is hard as hell. If you’re a writer, entrepreneur, or anyone else challenging and pushing boundaries (read: instigator), you know what I’m talking about. In fact, creative work is probably the hardest work there is – something only those bold enough to create can appreciate. But what […]

Never Compromise

Just One Person In my previous post, I wrote about great work. Great work is impactful work – the kind that resonates with a person (or a million people) for years to follow. The sole criteria for determining great work is impact, and that’s specifically and uniquely determined by the person or people experiencing the […]

The Surprisingly Simple Way to Overcome Creative Block

The Block Have you ever tried writing a book, a blog, or business copy? If so, you’ve probably experience writers block: the inability to form your ideas into the perfect words, sentences, and paragraphs. But this type of block isn’t exclusive to writers. All creative entrepreneurs – from writers, designers, and inventors, to artists, marketers, […]