In the Trenches 006: Creating New Paradigms with Clay Hebert

You Can Change Your Life Or at least that’s what Clay Hebert did. In 2008, Clay was at a crossroads.  Should he continue to work for Accenture, where he had a guaranteed salary and could easily move up the ladder?  Or should he branch off on his own path, a path completely uncertain and paved […]

How to Make an Instantly Viral Product (This Might Not Work)

Remarkable This is a word not used often enough to describe the type of product we SHOULD be trying to produce. When we create a remarkable product, it means we’ve built something that not only impacts the person receiving the product (consumer, purchaser, reader, etc.), but we’ve impacted them in such a way that they […]

do the work (what Steven Pressfield can teach us about being remarkable)

How often do you start your day backwards?  You know, by checking email, or phone messages, or reading the news? Do any of those things directly impact the project you’re working on, or the brand you’re creating, or the book you’re writing? Do any of them impact the rest of your day at all? My […]