7 Days to Ultimate Productivity

This is a guest post by Paul Minors, a productivity expert. Check out his latest books and resources here, sign up for his newsletter, and follow him on Twitter. My name is Paul and like you I’m really interested in the idea of self-improvement, productivity and achieving more. I currently work a 9am-5pm job and […]

How to Find Your True Calling

Have you found your true calling? Seriously, have you? I know this question can come off sounding corny… After all, “finding a calling” sounds like something only hippies and hipsters (cousin of hippy) have time to ponder (over cups of latte or green juice, I’m sure). For the rest of us who are trying to […]

The 3 Step Pivot Framework: How to Turn Failure into Success

Last month I got an email from a friend. After 6 months of hustle, she’s throwing in the towel. Why? Not enough sales. No traction. No growth. I felt bad. I hate seeing people fail. I hate it even more when a project fails that hasn’t  been properly tested in the marketplace. In my friends case, […]