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You can find my in depth “Amazon Self-Publishing Experiment Report” here:

amazon self publishing experiment

 Amazon Self-Publishing Experiment: Report

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Since you’re here because you’re interested in my writing and publishing results, I decided to link to a few free articles I think you might like (in the realm of writing, publishing, marketing, and sales).

Below you’ll find articles, books and guides that have helped hundreds of others get unstuck and instigate their creative projects.  I hope they help you do the same.


Popular Articles on Starting, Finishing and Shipping Your Creative Project:

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Talents and Time Decay

3 Creative Hacks to Kick Start Your Next Project

4 Reasons to Start Before You’re Ready

Keep Fighting


More Free Products


2 Days With Seth Godin2 Days With Seth Godin

Pay What You Want (PDF): 2 Days With Seth Godin

Kindle Version

Ready to bring your business to the next level? I had the honor of spending two days with the premiere blogger, author and entrepreneur on the planet. Saying I learned some useful stuff is an understatement. This book is the compiled wisdom and knowledge of spending two days with Seth Godin. If you’re a writer, blogger, entrepreneur or artist, this is a must read.


 The Gunslinger’s Guide to StartingThe Gunsingers Guide to Starting v22

Pay What You Want (PDF): The Gunslinger’s Guide to Starting + Workbook

The Gunslinger’s Guide to Starting and The Gunslinger’s Workbook is the no-bull answer to the question: how do I create something from scratch.

If you’ve ever wanted to start a business, build a blog, start a podcast, write a book, or do all of the above, use this guide.

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