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in the trenches

In The Trenches

In The Trenches is an almost weekly podcast where I interview entrepreneurs, artists, writers, inventors, warriors and leaders about doing the hard, creative work, day in and day out.

These are people who are actually in the trenches, and our world is better for their work.

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Welcome to the first broadcast of In The Trenches where I talk about the purpose behind the podcast, why I created it, and I share a couple personal stories so you can better get to know your host going forward.

How to dominate fear, draw your own map, and live boldly with AJ Leon, founder of

How to become a published author and start a successful business with Al Pittampalli, author of Read This Before Our Next Meeting.

How to build a massive blog platform, become a published author, and live your passion with Jeff Goins, founder of

How to engineer perfect design with Nate Kutsko, founder of Kutsko Kitchen.

How to create new paradigms with Clay Hebert, founder of Spindows.

How to build a business while vagabonding around the world with Benjamin Jenks, founder of

How to get paid to exist with Jonathan Mead, founder of Paid to Exist.

How to make more money using content marketing with Tommy Walker (1 of 2), Editor at Conversion XL.

How to make more money using content marketing with Tommy Walker (2 of 2), Editor at Conversion XL.

How to connect with anyone with John Corcoran, founder of

How to live your life’s purpose, manifest your vision, and conquer mountains with Dan Adams, founder of The Higher Purpose Project.

How to make 6 figures from your podcast with John Lee Dumas, founder of

How to unleash your creativity through healthy eating and fitness with Jennifer Blanchard

How to make money from your art, writing, or business by selling directly to your biggest fans with Ryan Delk.

How to become a first try best-seller with Jason Andrew Bond.

How to turn a hobby into a 6 figure business with Cliff Ravenscraft.

How to bootstrap a tech startup with limited funds and no computer programming skills with John Genovese.

How to start a film festival from scratch with Stephen Ananicz.

How to develop courage in your writing (and life) with Dave Ursillo.

How to remove price altogether and run your business entirely in the Gift Economy with Adrian Hoppel.

How to win the battle for attention online with Ryan Hanley.

How to validate your minimal viable product with Cheryl Woodhouse, author of Start Something.

How to leverage the principles of antifragility to rebuild America with Chad Grills, author of Veterans; Don’t Reintegrate, Rebuild America.

How to turn your passion project into a business with Antonio Diaz, founder of Life & Thyme.