$100k Launch Workshop in Aspen Colorado

Do you want my help making your first (or next) 6-figures in 2017?

If you do, keep reading.

Since 2012, I've helped launch over 39 projects (41 if you include re-launching certain projects).

8 of these projects broke $100,000 within 60 days of launch.

3 of these projects broke $250,000 in less than 30 days.

I am using the word "project" because we've launched a lot of different things:

  • books
  • courses
  • membership sites
  • coaching and consulting programs
  • in-person events
  • masterminds

(not to mention, I've consulted and advised with companies as disparate as tourism in South America, to telecom in Africa)

I share this only to point out that I have been "walking the walk" for a while, and I've discovered a few important things when it comes to a successful product (or service) launch.

Here are the 3 most important lessons I've learned from 39 launches:

First, you need a plan. A lot of people wing their launch. These same people fail (and wonder why).

Second, you need a goal. Not just a goal: you need to define the metrics you will measure to determine success or failure. I never enter a project without knowing exactly what success looks like, and just as importantly - exactly what failure looks like. Most people don't define failure because this lets them off the hook; whether you sell 1 or 100, no big deal, right? Wrong. If you have something worthwhile that can improve peoples lives, and you only reach one person when you could have reached 100, you did a disservice to those 99 people and yourself. Don't play small, nobody likes or respects it.

Third, there's a formula and a science to marketing and promoting something before it's available for purchase. A well-constructed launch will tap into our most primal emotions by leveraging things like: anticipation, excitement, suspense, mystery...basically, ever launch should feel like a JJ Abrams trailer (notice I didn't say movie or TV show...).

(bonus homework: watch JJ Abrams and his mystery box TED Talk - watch this before your next launch, and incorporate it into your launch plan, I beg you!)

"Well of course Tom, you can do it, you're so handsome and cool, but what about the person just starting out who doesn't have a platform like you, or your sky blue eyes? What are we supposed to do?"

Great question and I'm glad you asked.

Here's the deal:

In December, I'm putting together something that will change your life, and the lives of the people you serve.

It's not cheap, and it's not easy.

But if you're ready to take your business to the next level in 2017, if you'd like to hit your first (or next) 6-figures, I have an amazing opportunity.

Keep reading if that's you...

Welcome to the $100k Launch Workshop in Aspen, Co

On the evening of December 1st, four up-and-coming, passionate, generous, and driven entrepreneurs will converge in a little place called Aspen, Colorado.

When you arrive, you will be greeted by our driver and brought to downtown Aspen.

Your gift basket, "swag" bag, and itinerary for what will be an epic weekend will be waiting for you in your luxury condo.

Don't get too comfortable, though. I want to treat you and our small group to dinner, so we can break (gluten free) bread together and get to know one another, talk about our goals for 2017, set our intentions for the workshop and the upcoming year, and discuss the logistics of the our $100k Launch Workshop.

(did I mention I'm covering the cost of everything once you get to Aspen? That includes lodging, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, delicious coffee (or tea), snacks, work supplies, and more.)

After dinner, you can hang out as long as you'd like, but don't stay out too late; you need to prep for the full-day workshop that starts bright and early the next day.

Friday morning is when things really start to ramp up.

From 7am till 7pm at night, we'll be work-shopping your launch for 2017 (of course, taking breaks for breakfast and lunch, and a couple special events we have planned).

The day will be broken into pomodoro-length training and instruction (10 - 25 minutes each), followed by 45 minutes of deep work after each training session.

That's right - this weekend isn't just about education, building relationships, and enjoying an all-expense-paid weekend in Aspen that you can write off as a business expense (winner winner chicken dinner)...

This weekend is about you and I working together to build your launch for 2017. Here's how.

By the end of day 1, we will have co-created the following for your 6-figure launch:

1. Your launch timeline

2. Your project management software (we will set this up for you), and key files and folders in Google Drive (we'll also set this up for you)

3. Your launch sequence (planning pre-launch, launch, and post-launch editorial and launch calendar, etc)

4. Your key launch items and events (my team will help you create your lead magnet, sales page, upsell and downsell offer, and more)

5. Tools and tech you will need to rock your launch (my team will help you set up and implement the tech)

By the evening, you will will have made a ton of progress...

But you'll probably be mentally exhausted, so we'll need to re-charge...

We will break for dinner at around 7pm. This time, I'll share one of my favorite under-ground places in Aspen.

Over dinner, we'll discuss everything you've built during the day, as well as plans for the next day. After dinner, you're free to explore Aspen, but remember - Saturday is another jam-packed day, so don't stay out too late...

We'll kick off Saturday with a special yoga + meditation session, and then dive into the following areas:

1. Advanced launch strategies

2. Affiliate and promotional partner recruiting (how it works, when you should recruit partners, and best practices for getting partners to promote your launch)

3. Promotional partner swipe copy (we'll give you a plan and start building out the basic copy for you)

4. Social sharing swipe copy (yes, we'll help craft this too!) and paid traffic

5. Key graphics and images you will need for your launch (we will build out templates for all the key graphics you will need)

Then we'll open it up for 1-2 hours of Q and A, and then 1-2 hours for YOU to present your launch to the group (and the rest of us will figure out ways we can help you with your launch and business in 2017).

We'll wrap everything up Saturday evening with a fantastic evening dinner and celebration, and late evening mastermind session. We also have a couple special things planned, so stay tuned.

Sunday, we are hosting an epic "launch" brunch. This will be optional if you need to fly early, but if you can make it, I really think you should (should wrap up around 11am at the latest). This will be a great way to connect one last time before we go our separate ways...

But that's just the start of things.

After the event, you're going to get the following:

1. 12 month coaching and accountability. I'll hop on a call with you once a month to make sure you're on track with everything, and to help you work through any hurdles, challenges, or roadblocks you face.

Value: $3,600

2. Access to my Rolodex. Where appropriate, I'll connect you with people who will help you grow your business. Some of these people will become great friends and allies, some will be trusted vendors and experts you can connect with to help you grow your business, and others may become affiliates, promotional partners, or even collaborators on your next launch. Remember, success in business is all about your network, and I want to help connect great people. Since you're joining me in Aspen, I know you are great, and I am excited to connect you with people who will help take your business to the next level.

Value: Priceless

3. Help developing everything you need for your launch. My team will be "on call" to help you template or finalize anything we didn't finish during the weekend. 2 full days will provide the framework and focus we need to get 60 - 80% of your launch planned and prepared, but there will be things that still need work. Don't worry - my team and I will be there for you so you launch with a bang 🙂

Value: $15,000 - $30,000

My altruistic goal is to help you crush your next launch (or launches) and do 6-figures in 2017, not only so you can build a flourishing business that provides for you and your family, but so you can connect with and impact the people that matter...

My selfish goal is to create amazing case studies from your victory to share with my tribe. So I need you to win; that's why we're only inviting winners and people ready to win.

(By the end of the weekend, you're going to be so sick of winning. #makelaunchesgreatagain #ImwithTom)

More below...

But Tom, what if I can't get everything done in time?

I know there's a lot of ground we need to cover. It is intense and you're not just here passively listening like a lame conference - you're here to work and build (with us right by your side, doing the work with you). That said, there will be things we won't have time to build for you during this event. That's why we will build as much as we can before you get here, and then anything that's left over, my team and I will help you with remotely over the coming weeks and months leading up to your launch. We will make sure you succeed, or your money back (see below).

But Tom, what if my launch is a flop?

It won't be. And I can guarantee it. I promise you will make back 100% of your investment in this weekend within 6 months if you do the homework we assign you, or my team and I will personally manage your next launch to get you there. This is an easy guarantee for me to make because I know, regardless of the topic, we can make that happen. Your job is simply to execute on the homework and do the things we outline for you to do. That's it. You will hit your goal. I won't let you fail.

But Tom, what if I'm on a budget?

First, if you are in debt, you should not come. If you are barely scraping by with your business, you should not come. And if you can't see why you should invest in growing your business, you should not even apply. Yes, this is an expensive event. That's because you're essentially hiring an entire team for your launch. I'm bringing in my whole team to work with you. It's not cheap. The good news is we offer payment plans that makes this accessible no matter where you are financially, and our guarantee is unbeatable (see above). We are looking for passionate, committed, and generous entrepreneurs; go-getters who recognize you need to have skin-in-the-game to succeed, and do their best work when challenged. If that's you, apply below.

But Tom, this is amazing!

That's not a question. I agree.

Where do I sign up?

The $100k Launch Workshop in Aspen, Colorado is invite only.

Please fill out the application below, and if you are a good fit, I'll follow up for a time to talk (click the image of me, Kurt Russell, and you to apply):


Or CLICK HERE to apply to join me in Aspen, Colorado, where you might run into Kurt Russell, and you might be able to ask him "Which was harder to escape from, New York or LA?"

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