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$100k Academy

The secret weapon for authors, experts, and consultants who want to predictably grow their reach, influence and profit.

Hi, my name is Tom Morkes.

For the past 5 years, I’ve helped more than 100 brands and businesses grow their traffic, leads, and sales with my Launch to Profit System.™

My clients and I have used this system to:

  • Raise over $450,000 dollars in 33 days, setting a Kickstarter record
  • Generate 6-figures in ARR for a tech startup (their most profitable launch of the year)
  • Make over a $250,000+ from a single ecourse
  • Hit The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller lists

This system isn’t just for celebrities, big name brands, or fast-growth startups, either.

I’ve worked with “nobodies” who started with a very small email list and very few sales of their current offers, launch and scale to 6-figures.

Now, I’m pulling back the curtains on this system to help you amplify your reach, grow your influence, and skyrocket your profit.


It’s not uncommon for those who are accepted into $100k Academy to experience a complete transformation in their business.

Take Cary Richards for example.

Cary is the founder of Infostack. He’s made more than $200,000 in sales in 12 months since joining $100k Academy. This is made even more impressive because Cary was working a full-time job when he joined $100k Academy – Infostack was just a side-hustle. Not only that, but Cary had been working for more than 10 years to make something (anything!) work.

In just a few months after joining $100k Academy, Cary made $70,000+ from his first launch.

He quit his job the following month to build Infostack full-time.

(and these results are in spite of the fact that he had no product and effectively no email list to begin with)

Here’s what Cary said about his experience joining $100k Academy:

You can also learn more about how Cary escaped the rat race in my exclusive “behind the scenes” interviw with him on the launch of Infostack.io.

Here’s the full interview:


As you read this page, you may picture yourself as one of our successful students. 

Maybe you imagine what your life and your business would look like if you could reach and impact more people, create raving fans out of each new customer, and multiply your sales and profit this year.

Likewise, you might wonder whether you have what it takes to achieve these results… 

One thing I want you to pay attention to is this: 

Every case study, every testimonial, and every “success story” on this page is from a regular person, with no unfair advantage or “leg up” on the competition.

Most are relative (or were complete) uknowns.

But they all embraced what I call “The Golden Mindset.”

The Golden Mindset goes like this:

In all my actions, I will do what is right for my readers, customers, and myself, now and in the future.

The “right thing” is the action that benefits your readers and customers, not just today, but tomorrow, next month, and next year – and does the same for YOU and your family and your community.

It means living by a motto of “value first” – with a focus on how you can best serve your people…

With this mindset, you will find it easy to invest in long-term trust building; the kind that truly transforms lives. Likewise, you will be repelled by the idea of cutting corners or compromising your values for a quick buck.

I call this the “Golden Mindset” – because it will truly create gold (profit) for the people you serve – and you – now, and in the future.

So ask yourself:

  1. Are you 100% dedicated to the success of the people you serve?
  2. Are you willing to show up and do the work to ensure the success of the people you serve?

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, you are a good candidate for $100k Academy.


$100k Academy is for you if:

  • You are an expert (consultant, coach, or freelancer) or service-based professional and people pay you for your knowledge, insights, or skills.
  • You are an established blogger, podcaster, or content creator who wants to increase your reach and revenue.
  • You’re an entrepreneur who is ready and willing to find a lucrative market that you can serve, so you can build a completely remote, profitable business.

If any of the above describe you, you could benefit from $100k Academy. 

However, we receive many inquiries every month, and we select only the best fit applicants for the program. 

Keep reading to see how…

Why is $100k Academy so Effective?

$100k Academy is designed to accelerate your reach, influence, and profit by opening up new and untapped marketing and sales channels that will skyrocket your business growth.

We are the only program focused on cultivating high-profile brands and thought-leaders who sell expertise in the form of informational products, coaching, and consulting.

Using our proprietary Launch to Profit System™, I’ll show you how to attract and convert your ideal customer in a consistent, repeatable, and scalable manner (TM)

Are you ready to level up your business?

How it Works

$100k Academy is part training-program (step-by-step instructions, tactics and strategies that are proven to work) and part mastermind (mentorship, coaching, guidance, and accountability).

My goal with $100k Academy is to help you reach your business goals faster, more efficiently, and with less stress than you could going it alone.

I believe if you are reading this page, you’ll be successful no matter what…but wouldn’t you prefer to get their sooner? And have way more fun in the process?

That’s what I’m about and why I created $100k Academy:

To surround myself with amazing, like-minded entrepreneurs that want to grow together (and crush it together).

Every week, we’ll connect on a live-training, mastermind-style session hosted online, so you can attend from the comfort of your living room (or favorite coffee shop).

And if you can’t make every session, no worries – we record every call for you to review at your own pace.

Inside $100k Academy, you will learn how to:

  1. Uncover your lucrative, “Long Tail” niche market that will make marketing and selling a breeze
  2. Craft an “Offer Stack” that gets you more sales (and more profit), without having to “create” a new product
  3. Discover the insider strategies for premium positioning so you can make a bigger profit on your sales (this works whether you’re selling digital products or high-ticket services)
  4. Connect with high-profile influencers who want to share your offer with their readers, listeners, fans, and followers
  5. Drive thousands of potential customers to your offer in a matter of days
  6. Turn new customers and clients into repeat buyers
  7. Implement our proprietary marketing system that is the cornerstone of a multiple 6-figure business

But that’s not all…


As a $100k Academy member, you get exclusive access to the exact strategies, tactics, and techniques I’m using to grow my various businesses.

(from my publishing company, to my personal brand, to other collaborations and joint venture projects I’m working on).

I’ll show you, step-by-step, what I’m doing and why. I’ll show you what I’m spending in terms of time, money, and energy, and the ROI on these strategies, so you can learn from my successes and failures.

This knowledge is privileged. Non-$100k Academy members pay me $10,000+ for one-day engagements for this type of information.

You get it included in your membership.  


Below, you’ll find the process I implement with clients who pay me $20,000+ (plus a percentage of revenue) to develop and run highly lucrative launches.

You will follow this exact process inside $100k Academy.

I typically reserve this information for high-paying clients, because, as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. 

These advanced strategies are for ethical entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, and experts who do great work, have clients and customers who rave about them, and who are proud to put their name and face behind their work.

If that’s you, keep reading:


  • Identify an under-served yet lucrative niche market; uncover the priceless value you create for others; discover the “gold” right in front of you.

The ability to generate $100k in additional revenue, whether in a year, a month, or a single day, relies on two principles:

  1. You attract people who will pay you for your ideas (and you actively repel those who aren’t the right fit).
  2. You believe in the value you create for your clients and customers so deeply and with so much conviction, that you have a moral imperative to share and sell.

This is crucial because if you truly believe this, you will share what you know freely and with passion; you will be the ultimate champion and evangelist of your own work; and you will provide every ideal prospect you meet the opportunity to invest in your help (and they will thank you for it).

In Phase 1 of $100k Academy, you will:

  • Identify a hyper-profitable, “long tail” niche market that you can own and dominate 
  • Uncover your “WHY” and unleash the best, most charismatic version of yourself, your company, and your brand – which in turn attracts your “long tail” audience who pay top dollar to work with you
  • Silence your inner critic, and become the greatest champion and evangelist for your business and brand.


  • Uncover your premium positioning and solution; craft a high-converting and lucrative offer; leverage the power of price anchoring to increase margin and profit.

The most profitable, effective, and simple way to sell your products and services starts with abandoning the terrible notion of one-size-fits-all. It doesn’t, and never will.

Next, streamline your offers with 3 core solutions for prospective clients and customers. These solutions meet your clients and customers where THEY are, financially and emotionally. These solutions fall into one of 3 client / customer categories:

  • No money / lots of time. These individuals benefit from a lower price, “do-it-yourself” solution. This solution won’t bring in a lot of profit by itself, but it’s infinitely scalable, and should be a cornerstone offer in your business.
  • Some money / some time. These individuals benefit most from a “done-with-you” solution, which is higher priced than the DIY offer, but provides support, customization, or hand-holding along the way. What’s great about this solution is that it doesn’t take much of your time, and there are ways to outsource thi support, so you can focus on activities you enjoy doing. This also makes it a huge profit center for your business.
  • Lots of money / no time. These individuals value results and will pay a premium for it. The best part? Any business can offer custom, or “done-for-you” solutions. You don’t need to be a freelancer or start an agency to offer these high-ticket solutions. I show you how inside $100k Academy.

By using The Offer Stack framework, you can generate more sales (because you have a solution for every potential client or customer), and more profit (because we engineer your offers to be high-margin), in less time (you can remove yourself partially or ENTIRELY from the sales sequence, onboarding, and implementation).

Even better: this is something you can implement and see results almost instantly, if you’re getting high-quality traffic and leads.

That’s where The OPA Method comes in…


  • Find potential competitors and turn them into collaborators who promote and market your products and services; leverage the “OPA Method” to drive traffic and sales quickly

If you want to grow your profit, you need a predictable source of high quality traffic. There are two ways to do this:

Strategy 1. Spend years building an email list through a combination of content marketing (blogging, podcasting, video, etc.), social media marketing, and paid advertising…


Strategy 2. Have other people (who already have email lists and access to your ideal customer) share your offer for you.

I call Strategy 2 “The OPA Method” and it’s much more effective than any other traffic or lead generation strategy out there.

You will use The OPA Method to: 

  • Turn competitors into collaborators (and into one of your biggest profit centers).
  • Get buy-in from influencers and potential promotional partners in an ethical way that improves your brand and expands your reach.
  • Build your audience overnight, with little to no money up front or out of pocket


  • Discover how to create a “Micro-Launch” or “80/20 launch” that gets you traffic, subscribers, and sales, quickly; learn how to systematize this process and scale up from there.

This is where you turn your hard work into cash.

The “Micro-Launch” or “80/20 Launch” is a simplified, hyper-efficient, and streamlined approach to the generic launch formulas that are out there.

No more long-winded sales pages. No more 30-part video sequences. No more complex sales funnel (which actually hurt your results).

By implementing an 80/20 Launch, you generate leads and sales quickly, with little to no money out of pocket (unless you want to add paid traffic to multiply your results).

  • Because this process is simple, you don’t need a huge team to execute. A solopreneur can use this strategy and get big results.
  • Because this process is fast, you can spend more time on high-value activities, whether that’s growing your business in new ways or taking some much deserved time off to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  • Because this process is profitable, you can focus on creating value and doing your best work, instead of hustling non-stop just to break even.

You will implement the 80/20 Launch inside $100k Academy with my step-by-step blueprint and guidance.

What Will Your Experience Be Like?

Here’s what people are saying about $100k Academy and working with Tom Morkes:


If you want to build a meaningful and profitable business, accelerate your results, and take your business to the next level, apply here:



I wish I could help everyone, but some people are simply not a good fit. If you fall into any of the following categories, please do not apply:

  • You are a complete beginner and haven’t sold anything online OR off. $100k Academy is an accelerator that can multiply and compound your results – which means you have to have a business to begin with to acheive results. We share advanced strategies with members. If you’re starting from scratch, I recommend you begin with the free resources available at my website www.tommorkes.com.
  • You’re not technically competent. As an advanced training program, you must understand the basics. If you’re confused by terms like email marketing, lead generation, or conversion rate optimization, then you’re probably not a good fit.
  • You run a niche website and don’t want to be the face of your brand, or you run an MLM, or you sell anything questionable or unethical. Look elsewhere.
  • Bad attitude. I am a positive person who likes to work with positive people. If you aren’t able to learn, adapt, or change things up; if you constantly question direction and advice, or just don’t apply things, then you will not fit in with our group.

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