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"The True Believer" is a book about mass movements that also happens to be a very useful blueprint for your marketing. Written by Eric Hoffer and originally published in 1951, "The True Believer" makes a convincing case for the existence of "mass movements" - what they are, how they work, how they form, and their […]

Should you host a virtual summit?

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Discover the good and bad of hosting a virtual summit.
About a month ago, I undertook a new home project renovation: -> Update the closet near the front hall. I wish I had a 'before the project began' picture (note to self: do this from now on), but in a nutshell: it was an empty closet with a coat hanger and a wobbly top shelf. We […]
Recently, I've been writing quite a bit about why the way social media and multi-sided marketplaces are currently setup makes them, effectively, a trojan horse hiding in plain site that will hurt indie creators down the road. For the full scoop, check out my series on the topic. Part 1: "The Long Tail" and part […]

How to think like an entrepreneur

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If entrepreneurship is the process by which value is created where less (or none) existed before, then the entrepreneur is the person who initiates and leads this value-creation process. Here's how it works: When new value is created, the customer receives some portion of this value. It could be faster speeds. More storage. An improved […]
I'm building a new closet in our house: It doesn't look like much, but it's coming together, believe me. When I started, I didn't really know what tools I needed to get the job done; I just used what I had (the hands of a man, the heart of a lion). It wasn't until I […]
Did you know that half of all internet traffic is fake? True story: According to research conducted and compiled by HostingFacts, 51.8% of all internet traffic comes from bots. In other words, every other person who visits your blog, lead magnet, or sales page is very likely a bot (and totally fake). Have you ever […]

How to profit from the long tail

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The way we market and sell online is changing. There are more people online than ever before, spending more money than ever before on things that give them a leg up in the world. That means more money going to ebooks, ecourses, and other forms of online education; coaching, consulting, and advisory services; software solutions, […]
Virtual summits are all the rage right now, and for good reason: hosting a summit can be one of the least expensive and quickest ways to generate traffic, leads, and sales for your business, no matter what industry you’re in. In this blog post, I’m going to show you exactly how to create, host, and launch a successful virtual summit that earns you 5 to 6-figures in less than 30 days.
In this blog, you will find the results of a survey I ran that highlight what I consider some interesting trends in online marketing and product launch strategies. But first, a bit about the data and results: I conducted this survey over a two month period. I asked every person who downloaded my book “Launch […]
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