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In 1896, Vilfredo Pareto published a paper titled "Cours d'économie politique." The paper shared Pareto’s research on Italian land ownership, which showed that 80% of the land was owned by 20% of the people. Expanding on his original research, Pareto discovered that this distribution, what has become known as the Pareto Principle (further popularized by […]

How does a free book make money?

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A newsletter subscriber recently asked me this question: "how does launching a book as a freebie help to make the book make money over the long term?" I get this question a lot. It's partly why I created a completely free course about how to launch a free book, and why I've even shown people "behind […]

Stop living life on hard mode

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Today marks the release of "The Sober Entrepreneur." "The Sober Entrepreneur" is the latest book from Insurgent Publishing, and while I'm excited the book is finally out there in the real world (paperback and digital) for people to read, share, and spread... I might be more excited by the prospect that this book exists at […]
Last week, I spoke at the annual Military Influencers Conference on the topic of influencer marketing. Before my presentation, I was told by the host of the event that my topic was in high demand from conference-goers; and the packed house proved that to be true. Of course, why wouldn't this topic get a lot […]
Last week, I attended the seanwes conference in Austin, TX. It's been a few days, and I've finally finished compiling and editing my notes. Today, I want to share a few insights from the event that I plan to implement in my business, and some that simply gave me a good ponder; my hope is […]

A Game of Lists...

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Today kicks off the official unofficial US national holiday: List-building Week. Every year, bloggers, podcasters, and digital content creators across the world converge on the internet for one week to see who can build the biggest list of email subscribers. Thousands will enter, only one will reign victorious. To commence the week, and commemorate the […]
When people sign up for my email newsletter, the first email they get is an inquiry: What is the BIGGEST pain / problem / or struggle you're dealing with right now in your business? I typically get dozens of responses a week, and I do my best to answer each one. Over time, when I […]
A few months back, I surveyed my audience to figure out their biggest challenge. The survey choices included: not enough time not enough money not enough connections I don't know how to sell more of X I don't know what to prioritize all of the above other As I examined the results, I found the […]

How to Make a Living Writing

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Is it possible to make a living writing? If you  had asked me that 3 years ago, I would have said "hell no." "There's too much competition, I'm not a good enough writer, I don't have an "in" in that artsy-fartsy whatever club..." "Maybe you can...but not me." - (Young, naive Tom's internal monologue) Luckily, while I […]
I've been doing this "online stuff" for the last few years. (full time since I left the Army at the end of 2013) In that time, I've tested a LOT of things. Some worked: I've written and published my own books Launched my own infoproducts Published other peoples books Created and sold my own ecourse […]
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