burn the boat

493 years ago, Cortez and an army of 600 soldiers landed on the shores of Central America and conquered an empire of over 5 million people.

His first order upon landing: destroy the ships.

Cortez knew if he kept the ships seaworthy, the men would believe they could escape if things went south.  By destroying the ships, Cortez removed escape from the equation.

It was, quite literally, do or die.

This story pertains to each of us in a very important way.

It's difficult becoming exceptional at something.

But it is the difficulty in becoming exceptional that makes it worthwhile.

Being exceptional is valuable precisely because it’s hard, and painful, and tough, and most quit.

Let them. But not you.

If you have that gut feeling – that desire that never fades (the one that beat’s you up for not writing enough pages) – if you know deep down this is it; that you were made for this…

Then hit the shore, burn the boat, and take the beach. 

I promise you this:

Everyone wants to be paid more.

Everyone wants a better job, a better life, and better abs.

Everyone wants to write a book, or sell a script, or become an entrepreneur.

Everybody wants...but so few choose

When you consciously go beyond wanting to choosing, you've finally hit the shore.

When you commit, in the face of the enemy (negative self-talk spitting out status quo propaganda), to pursue what you want, no matter the cost, you burn the boat.

And when you start chipping away at the material, set deadlines for completion, and sit down every day to fill that empty page, you take the beach.

For those too frightened of such commitment, well, you're kind of like this little kid (click the video below)…


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p.s. what projects are you working on that give you heartache?  How are you overcoming these fears and uncertainties?  Have you fully committed?  If yes, explain how.  If not, let us know what's holding you back in the comments below.

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