[Thank You] How You Can Contribute to My Work

Hey, just wanted to say thanks so much for downloading my book.

Your time and attention are invaluable to me and I hope I continue to create great content for you.

Also, if you've enjoyed my work, there's a couple ways you can give back.

1. Write a review!

I'm always looking for reviews and testimonials.

Simply write your review and email tom @ tommorkes.com.

It's just that simple!

2. Contribute a Couple Extra Dollars 🙂

If you've enjoyed my work, I would be eternally grateful if you decided to throw a couple more dollar-dollar-bills my way.

I use Pay What You Want pricing so that anyone can have access to the stuff I create.

However, the only way I can survive and keep doing this work is through the generous contributions of others.

If you've enjoyed my work, the easiest way to contribute is to go back through Gumroad (where you purchased my book), find your 'library', click the item of mine that you downloaded, and then click 'give more.'

Sounds more complex than it is, I promise!

Here's a 'gif' I recorded of myself contributing a little something extra (to myself), so you can see just how easy it is:


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Cool, well, thanks so much for stopping by.

I really appreciate your contribution and for supporting my creative work. It really, truly means the world to me.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

- Tom Morkes

If you're reading this, you ARE the Resistance