Hiring a projects assistant

Hey, we're hiring!

And we are looking for a great projects assistant at Insurgent Publishing and www.tommorkes.com. We need someone who is good at learning new tasks, can work autonomously (and remotely), who has a great attention for detail, is able to produce high-quality work fast, and is great at communicating.

As a projects assistant, you will do executive assistant style work, but also be responsible for independent, creative tasks that require creative brainpower (and not just carrying out step by step instructions).

No degree required - just a portfolio of great work (although if you're just starting out too, that's fine).

We are looking for either part time (minimum 20 hours per week) work, or full time.

About Insurgent Publishing (IP for short):

We are a publishing company (we publish books) and creative agency (we conduct large scale, strategic book and product launches). As part of IP, you will be expected to work fast, be flexible, work collaboratively and creatively, create great content, help our authors and clients do amazing things in the world, and take on new, creative projects day by day / week by week.

**We do not move slowly like large corporations or government organizations, and we don't treat employees like children (i.e. expectations are high, but so is the pay off), so if you're into simple, brain-numbing labor, please look elsewhere.

If you thrive in a creative, empowering, remote position that requires autonomy, self-management, and creative collaboration, please continue with the application.

Any questions, please contact Insurgent Publishing (if you can't find our contact information, you've failed the first test)