how to beat negative self-talk propaganda (before it beats you)

mountainpass - how to beat negative self-talk propaganda (before it beats you)

The good thing about instigating is that so few people actually instigate, you’re competition is pretty limited.

This make success (in any venture) possible and way more probable than you might expect.

The bad thing about instigating is that so few people actually instigate, you’re not going to have very much company on your way to the top (or once you reach the top).

The hard part when starting any worthwhile project isn’t the competition – they are few and far between (and often imaginary).  The hard part is trying to get there by yourself, because for large parts of the journey, you’re on your own.

The Enemy knows this.

And the Enemy will do everything in its power to break you down and get you to quit.

The Enemy will use fear and uncertainty to cloud your mind and confuse your goals.  The Enemy will hit you when you’re weakest – when you haven’t had success in a while – and get you to question yourself (“why am I even doing this?”), critique yourself (“this isn’t good enough”), and ultimately beat yourself (“I can’t do this anymore”).

The Enemy can use these tactics because you’re alone, and it knows that when you’re alone you’re most susceptible to one of the Enemy’s most effective attacks: negative self-talk propaganda.

Negative self-talk propaganda is all the terrible, unproductive, fruitless, worthless, silly things we say to ourselves when we’re building something worthwhile.

The Enemy uses negative self-talk propaganda against us any time we’re doing something courageous.

“In order for there to be courage, of course, there must be risk.  It doesn’t take courage to open the refrigerator, because there’s no downside.” [The Icarus Deception]

And fighting alone to create your life’s work is the riskiest thing you can do.

The thing to remember is this:

The Enemy can’t fight (effectively), when we’re engaged in our worthwhile project because it means we’re taking back brain map territory.

“The actions we perform more often, the movements we practice more consistently, and the senses we employ more frequently, begin to control more brain map territory.” [The Art of Instigating]

As long as we're taking back territory, we keep the Enemy at bay.

The key is to know the Enemy will attack us in predictable ways, to anticipate this ahead of time and plan for how we will deal with it, and, when the time comes, to follow through with our plan.

The best way to beat the Enemy’s negative self-talk propaganda isn’t to think happy thoughts.

It’s not to repeat motivational quotes to yourself in the hopes of creating a positive mental attitude.

It’s not even to imagine how good you feel as if you’ve already accomplished your goal in the hopes of attracting the solution to you.

No, none of these will help you beat the Enemy.

The only way to beat the Enemy and overcome negative self-talk propaganda is this:

Get to work.

The negative self-talk propaganda in your head will fade when you sit down to write your next page, build the next part of your business, or initiate your project's next move.

And that's it - that's all there is.

Get to work and you'll beat the Enemy.

Simple, but not easy.


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