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How to Make an Instantly Viral Product (This Might Not Work)

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This is a word not used often enough to describe the type of product we SHOULD be trying to produce.

When we create a remarkable product, it means we’ve built something that not only impacts the person receiving the product (consumer, purchaser, reader, etc.), but we’ve impacted them in such a way that they tell others about the product.

This is the quintessential element to virality.

Viral content becomes viral because it’s something worth sharing, spreading, and talking about with others.

If the product or project isn’t remarkable, it can’t become viral (the product can be remarkable and not viral, but a viral product cannot be unremarkable).

Remarkable does not mean good; it doesn’t mean perfect; it doesn’t mean cheapest, fastest or strongest; it doesn’t even mean best.

Remarkable means, for whatever reason, the person receiving the product wants (is compelled) to share and spread the word.

That’s exactly how I felt with Seth Godin’s Kickstarter project for The Icarus Deception.  And I’m actually not even talking about his new book, The Icarus Deception (which is in and of itself remarkable), but about his limited edition compilation book: “This Might Work / This Might Not Work” (an abridged, physically smaller version will be released around Christmas and it’s titled: Whatcha Gonna Do with That Duck?)

The pictures don’t do the actual product justice:

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[custom_gallery id=”985″ layout=”masonry”]

It’s massive, it’s beautiful, it’s unique, it’s spellbinding, it’s impressive, it’s unexpected, it’s one of a kind, it’s generous, it’s epic, it’s art…

It is remarkable.

Raising the Bar

This book – “This Might Work / This Might Not Work” – just raised the bar in terms of producing something worthwhile, epic, and generous; it raised the bar for remarkable.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the next thing you must produce should be an enormous compilation of your work via a successful Kickstarter campaign.

What it means is that if you care hard enough to be remarkable, the product you create will show it.

Keep working, keep creating, and keep building.

And, above all, never stop caring – we need more remarkable products.



p.s. Thanks Seth for caring and making something remarkable

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