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Discover the "plug-and-play" marketing system used to reach 13,816 new customers and make $682,943.56 in sales.

From scratch. With no list and no paid marketing budget.

Join over 100+ brands and businesses using the Influencer Marketing Method to grow their reach, influence, and profit, predictably and consistently.


How I generate $40k+ every single month with no email list and zero ad budget.

Hi, I'm Tom Morkes

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Since 2013, I've made a living driving hyper-targeted, referral traffic to my products.

You may not know me, but there's a good chance you've seen one of my products online.

That's because I use influencer marketing to routinely reach millions of people around the world and generate millions of sales in the process.

Here's a snapshot after one year of implementing the Influencer Marketing Method in a brand new business (85% of those initial transactions were generated by influencers):

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Not to mention, this same method helped me land interviews and get featured in major media outlets like:

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And that's why I recommend the Influencer Marketing Method to all my clients and implement it in all my businesses:

Because it works.

According to Bazaarvoice, 87% of buyers who earn $150,000 or more say that “digital content that people create about a product or service they have experienced, used, purchased, or considered" had an influence on their purchasing decision.

In other words:

If you want people to buy your products, you need OTHER PEOPLE to recommend what you sell.

Whether you like it or not, people WILL talk about what you sell. The story people tell may be positive or negative, yet whichever direction they skew will directly impact your bottom line.

With Influencer Marketing Method, you can control the story that's being told about your products or services.

That means more sales, more revenue, and more profit.