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into the arena

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Almost 2,000 years ago, in 52 AD, dozens of Roman captives assembled in front of the emperor Claudius.  These captives were about to take part in a major gladiatorial event – a mock naval battle.

into the arena

The Roman captives gave a salute to the emperor before the “games” began:

“Nos morituri te salutamus (We who are about to die salute you).” [Lives of the Caesars]

By the end of the day, one thing was certain: they would all be dead.

The Arena of Creativity

It’s important to accept, before you start, that you will fail.

While the artist, writer, or entrepreneur won’t physically die like the gladiators before them (thankfully), their work most surely will (at one time or another).

Failure is an essential part of creation.  Nothing is perfect in its first form (if it is, it’s probably not perfect).  The greatest pieces of art went through revision after revision, draft after draft, scrapped copy after scrapped copy.

How will your project be any different?

Understanding that you will fail, that there will be setbacks, obstacles, and breaking points, shouldn’t be a discomforting thought.  On the contrary, by understanding this in ADVANCE, we are better suited to deal with these struggles when they occur.

And they will occur.

Are you ready to enter the arena? 

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