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Don't Waste Any More Time Going it Alone

A 2000 study conducted by Neilson showed that collaboration can dramatically improve our results as a team and improve our performance as individuals. In COLLABORATE, I’ll show you how to effectively collaborate so you can do better work, with less effort and in less time, and create a better experience for your customers.

The Tech You Need to Lead

Leading a team is hard – I’ll show you the exact tools I’ve used to lead and manage multiple 5 and 6-figure collaborative projects.

Bonus Templates, Cheatsheets, and Checklists

These resources will reduce the pain of starting a new project from scratch. Don’t go it alone – follow the lead of someone who’s been there, done that.

Collaborate Book

Want to increase your productivity, efficiency, and return on investment?

I want access to collaborate!
"In 3 months of straight up hustle, Tom was able to help The Flight Formula, a collaborative startup, evolve from a beta test to almost $50k in early adopter stage revenue. Tom brings instigative action to a startup team propelling them into early momentum together."
"When I'm looking for business smarts, not just Internet business, but business smarts, Tom is one of the first people I turn to. It started with PWYW product launches and now he is one of my primary advisors on the launch of my latest book. His work has my highest recommendation."

What will you learn

How to assemble and lead a collaborative project
The Profitable Idea Framework (or how to find ideas that can actually sell, before you spend months or years building something no one wants)
How to find experts, linchpins, and go-getters even if you have no connections to start with
Best practices for managing your collaborative project so you ship on time and create the biggest impact
Which tools to use and how to use them to cut your workload in half while multiplying your results
How to create a one page business model that will give your project a defined purpose and ship date
The Lean Launch Framework (or how to ship your project in 30 days or less)
The Upside Down Sales Funnel (or how to maximize your launch for greatest impact and revenue)
The basics of collaborative business structures (what kind of contracts you need, what’s necessary and what’s unnecessary, etc.)

Who this book is for

Tom Morkes

About the Author

Hey, I’m Tom Morkes, West Point graduate, Iraq War veteran, and founder of Insurgent Publishing.

In the past three years, I’ve collaborated on over a dozen large scale product launches that have grossed more than $1 million.

Through collaboratively launching these projects, as well as researching and studying other successful collaborative projects in various industries, I developed the framework, blueprint, and strategy you find in COLLABORATE: The Modern Playbook for Leading a Small Team to Create, Market, and Sell Digital Products Online.

While collaboration itself is not a panacea for bad ideas or poor execution, I believe we are all better off when we leverage the strengths of others instead of going it alone. I hope this book will help you do just that.

For questions about the book, or requests for interviews, speaking engagements, or workshops with your team, please contact me at

Thanks, and keep creating!

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