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Every entrepreneur, artist, inventor, warrior and explorer must be a little mad.

It takes someone just a slight bit off – someone a bit weird, unusual or odd – to lead without permission.

There’s no good reason to go against the grain, to try something that might not work, or to stand up and take ownership over your actions and results.

Instigating is completely inadvisable.

And because it’s inadvisable, nobody is doing it – at least nobody in their right mind.

And that’s exactly why we need it.

If the instigator wasn’t mad he wouldn’t set audacious goals, he wouldn’t limit his options, and he wouldn’t start for no other reason than “because.”

And he wouldn’t be an instigator.

Without the instigator, we wouldn’t have miraculous charities, inconceivable books, or incredible breweries.

Without the instigator, we wouldn’t have change, growth or improvement.

And without madness, we wouldn’t have the instigator.

So go on, be a little weird, be slightly off, be a bit mad.

We need it.

If he waits for the ideal moment, he will never set off.  The Warrior requires a touch of madness to take the next step. [Paulo Coelho]

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