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Tom Morkes is the founder and CEO of Insurgent Publishing, author of The Art of Instigating, The Complete Guide to Pay What You Want Pricing and Collaborate, and host of the iconic podcast "In The Trenches," where he interviews today's most fascinating (and sometimes controversial) marketers, entrepreneurs, and authors, including: Dr. Jordan Peterson, Seth Godin, and John Jantsch among many others.

Tom is a sought after marketing and growth consultant whose helped his clients reach the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller lists, set the record for the most-funded, non-fiction publishing project in Kickstarter history, and generate millions in sales online using his referral, influencer, and affiliate marketing strategies.

Tom's ideas on marketing and entrepreneurship have been featured in a variety of top publications, including: Inc., Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, and Growthhacker TV.

Tom is a West Point grad and Iraq War veteran who spent 5 years as a commissioned officer in the US Army before making the plunge into writing, publishing, and entrepreneurship. When Tom isn’t helping brands and businesses grow their profit, he spends his time with his family, working outside on his mountain homestead, and drinking just the right amount of coffee. You can get inside Tom's brain by reading his blog at

Short bio: 

Tom Morkes is the founder and CEO of Insurgent Publishing, author of The Art of Instigating, and host of the iconic podcast "In The Trenches." Tom is a sought after marketing and growth consultant, whose A-list clientele include high-profile influencers, NYT and WSJ bestsellers, and fast growth companies looking to scale to 7, 8 and 9-figures. You can get inside Tom's brain by reading his blog at

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What clients are saying...

"In January of 2016, I launched my first physical product, "The Freedom Journal," on Kickstarter. My goal with the product was to guide Entrepreneurs in accomplishing their #1 goal in 100 days. My goal with the launch was to create as much buzz as possible, generate massive exposure, and IGNITE my audience to fully support and back my crowdfunding campaign.

To accomplish this, I knew I needed help. That's why I hired Tom Morkes and Insurgent Publishing to lead the outreach and promotional efforts of the crowdfunding campaign. What happened next exceeded my expectations: We were featured on dozens of big name blogs and podcasts, our press release was picked up by all the major networks, and we managed to get over 100 influencers to email their email lists about the launch.

All in all, thanks to our heavy outreach and promotional efforts, "The Freedom Journal" raised $453,803 in just 33 days, becoming the 6th most funded crowdfunding publishing project on Kickstarter (and number 1 in the "non-fiction" category).

Choosing Insurgent Publishing was a big investment, but in hindsight it was a no-brainer; we got way more than 10x our value and I couldn't be happier. Bottom line: if you're looking to do a large scale book launch, get in touch with Tom and his team at Insurgent Publishing ASAP so you can launch your book the right way." - JOHN LEE DUMAS, AUTHOR OF THE RECORD-SETTING KICKSTARTER BOOK "THE FREEDOM JOURNAL"

"I had the opportunity to work with Tom Morkes on the launch of my second book, Email Marketing Demystified. While my first book only had a few hundred downloads the first week, my second book had more than 5,000 downloads thanks to Tom's hard work. He knows the exact steps needed to make a book launch on an Amazon successful and he developed a customized strategy to ensure my book launch was a success. Tom connected me to numerous influencers and was able to get me booked on a number of podcasts. I would highly recommend his services to anyone writing a book that wants to have a wildly successful launch." - MATTHEW PAULSON, BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF "EMAIL MARKETING DEMYSTIFIED"

"When I'm looking for business smarts, not just Internet business, but business smarts, Tom is one of the first people I turn to. It started with PWYW product launches and now he is one of my primary advisors on the launch of my latest book. His work has my highest recommendation." - RYAN HANLEY, AUTHOR OF "CONTENT WARFARE"

"Think Pay What You Want is just for hipsters who are afraid of charging a price? Think again! Tom Morkes has done a fantastic job of showing how smart businesses (from the very big, to the very small) are using this pricing strategy to get *better* results than what they were doing before. This book is a treasure trove showing you why, when, and how to use this innovative pricing strategy most effectively, and what pitfalls to avoid. Highly, highly recommended." - DANNY INY, FOUNDER OF MIRASEE.COM

"I met Tom on Saturday, February 8th when I heard him speak at a RYPL Game Changers Live event in Sydney, Australia. That day, he spoke about his "Start. Finish. Ship." strategy. Immediately, I knew it's the mentality I'd been missing. I put it into action right away. Instead of thinking about version 9.0 of my product/service and continuing to be paralyzed, I started thinking about version 1.0 - what is my minimum viable product? And I decided it was to help just one person through one-on-one consulting to make the transition from work they hate to work they love. With Tom's direct help, I started drafting emails to send to potential clients. After a couple emails and a phone call (using Tom's advice to a 't'), I shipped: I had my first consulting client! This was only ONE WEEK after working with Tom. Finally, after years of dreaming about helping other people make the same transition I made, I had the opportunity to do just that. I still wasn't sure exactly how I'd do it. But that's exactly the point Tom taught me - you don't have to know how. Ship first. Sell your idea. Validate it by actually having someone pay for it. THEN, and only then, build it. And I've been building it as I go along. And it's been awesome. The most important thing Tom did - more than deliver his important message - was to help me implement it. His advice, motivation, and belief are the only reason I was able to do something I'd been blocked from doing for years." - JOE BRACHOCKI, FOUNDER OF THE OPPORTUNITY LENS

“Hyperbole aside, this information is cutting edge. It will grab the attention of your prospects and customers and allow them to explore the value of what you offer in a way that addresses objections, reduces friction, and gently walks your prospects through the open-door of your amazing offer, while creating a mutually beneficial foundation of trust, respect, and thankfulness in the transaction.” - BRUCE BRODEEN, FOUNDER OF NOT LAME MEDIA

“In 3 months of straight up hustle, Tom was able to help The Flight Formula, a collaborative startup, evolve from a beta test to almost $50k in early adopter stage revenue." - JASON SPENCER, FOUNDER OF THE FLIGHT FORMULA

"Tom is no nonsense, instigating, focused on delivering excellent results, getting things done machine and he over delivers. If you are just starting out down the entrepreneur path or already on the path and are looking for an edge to take you to the next level, Tom is your guy!! Combining his military leadership and lean start up expertise, Tom will work with you, and get you to take action - NOW. Tom's “Start, Finish, Ship” strategy has given me the mindset, framework, and, most importantly, the imperative to Ship my ideas; to take my dreams and turn them into reality. He has been instrumental in helping me to take my business and my life to a whole new level of awesome. If you want get your creative project out of your head and into the hands of your customers where it belongs, Tom is man to call." - MICK HALL, INSTIGATOR AND ENTREPRENEUR

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