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A brief overview of Module 1: Create.

Module 1: Create


Publishing 101

Book Length and Reader Expectations

Publishing Timeline

Market Research

The Book Marketing Canvas

The Book Marketing Canvas: Intro

The Book Marketing Canvas: Administrative Information

The Book Marketing Canvas: Target Audience

The Book Marketing Canvas: Early Adopters

The Book Marketing Canvas: Problem

The Book Marketing Canvas: Solution

The Book Marketing Canvas: Sales Channels

The Book Marketing Canvas: Metrics

The Book Marketing Canvas: Unique Value Proposition

The Book Marketing Canvas: Pricing Options and Expenses

Outlining and Wireframing

Intro to Brainstorming

How to Outline Your Book

The Notecard Technique Using Evernote

The Notecard Techniqe Using Trello


How to Measure Your Writing Progress

How to Overcome Procrastination

How to Cultivate the Writing Habit

The Book Dictation Method

Parts of the Book

The Parts of a Book + Terminology

Front Matter


Back Matter


Intro to Editing

Types of Manuscript Editing

How to Create an Editing Timeline

The Self-Edit Framework

How to Find and Hire a Professional Editor

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