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The Book Marketing Canvas: Target Audience

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Module 1: Create > Canvas > Target Audience

How to determine your target audience.


When we talk about Target Audience, we’re really asking the question:

Who is this book for? Who do you expect to read, enjoy, and share your work?

This may be the most important question of the whole “Book Marketing Canvas.” After all, if you aren’t precise about who you’re writing for, how can you reach them?  How can you determine your book sales page copy or design?  How can you properly market or sell to them?

In this section, you want to get clear on who your target audience. Some questions that will help:

  • Who are you writing your book for?
  • Who is your ideal readership / reader segment / customer segment?
  • How do they refer to themselves (not how do you refer to them)?

Sometimes it helps to think in the context of the genre or type of book you’re writing (or in reference to a specific book that inspired yours, or one that you drew inspiration from).

If I’m writing a fantasy novel, maybe my book is for Game of Thrones readers. If I’m writing a non-fiction self-help book, maybe my target readers are Tony Robbins fans.

The more specific, the better as we’ll come back to this list when we package, price, and launch our book.


The Book Marketing Canvas:  Target Audience Notes

The Book Marketing Canvas [Google Sheets]

The Book Marketing Canvas [PowerPoint]

The Book Marketing Canvas [.PNG – print]

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