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The Book Marketing Canvas: Key Metrics

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Module 1: Create > Canvas > Metrics

How you measure success.


Don’t skip this step.

No matter what your goal, it’s important to identify which metrics are important so you can measure how well you’re doing.

I remember my first phone call with Dan about his book. I had suggested various ways to turn his book into a massive revenue generator. Here’s what Dan said: “I’m giving this book away for free and you’re not going to change my mind.”

That was fine. It helped me identify exactly which metrics we should focus on (reach or impact), and which we should not (revenue). We ultimately decided that reach would be the number one goal, which dictated the platform and process we’d use to launch the book.

We chose to release The 7 Day Startup on Amazon’s platform because it allowed Dan’s book to be consumed by the broadest possible audience. Had we given his book away for free on wpcurve.com, it wouldn’t have reached quite as broad an audience.

It’s important to note too that Dan’s blog and website – because he had a loyal fan base of readers and supporters – would have been the perfect platform to generate more revenue (more than through Amazon) if he had wanted to, but that wasn’t his goal.

So as you can tell, your goals will dictate the metrics for your success, and therefor the way you measure success.


The Book Marketing Canvas Metrics Notes

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