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The Book Marketing Canvas: Problem Identification

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Module 1: Create > Canvas > Problem

How to define what problem your book is solving.


Once you identify exactly who your ideal reader is, you’ll need to clarify what your book is about and why your readership should care.

This means identifying the main problem your book is solving.

Clarifying the problem helps with sales page copy, newsletter copy, and ultimately: activating your reader segment. When an author articulates a problem the reader has in the language the READER uses himself (often subconsciously), it triggers trust.

For The 7 Day Startup, we were focused on solving the problem of our target demographic or readership (wantrepreneurs), which was this: that aspiring entrepreneurs don’t know how to start a business the right way. Dan wanted to provide a simpler, more straightforward process aspiring entrepreneurs (wantrepreneurs) could follow to find similar success to his.

For fiction, generally you’re solving the problem of boredom – people read fiction because they love to escape into a new world. For fiction, you should think in terms of genre (sci-fi readers may not care about fantasy, and vice-versa).


The Book Marketing Canvas: Problem Identification Notes

The Book Marketing Canvas [Google Sheets]

The Book Marketing Canvas [PowerPoint]

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