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The Book Marketing Canvas: Solution

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Module 1: Create > Canvas > Solution

How does your book solve the problem identified in the previous section of The Book Marketing Canvas.


Once we understand the problem we’re solving, the next question is: how do we actually solve it with our book?

A book is a medium to exchange an idea. In that respect, it’s a lot like YouTube, or a blog, or Twitter…but with a big difference: a book allows us the space and length to dive deep into a subject. That means the solution to the problem we’ve identified ought to be something that benefits from this, not detracts from it.

Have you ever read reviews on Amazon where people say: could have been summed up in a blog post? If you’re solving the right problem with the right medium (in this case, a book), you’ll never see these comments (except from the outlying haters, but you can safely ignore them).

For The 7 Day Startup, Dan kept his book fluff-free – a short, powerful, and most importantly, ACTIONABLE read, complete with a half dozen bonus materials to help you start a business from scratch in 7 days.

This was due largely to the help of some early reviewers (pro-bono readers read and gave editing feedback to Dan) and having a professional editor on staff.


The Book Marketing Canvas Solution Notes

The Book Marketing Canvas [Google Sheets]

The Book Marketing Canvas [PowerPoint]

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