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The Book Marketing Canvas: Unique Value Proposition

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Module 1: Create > Canvas > Unique Value Proposition

What makes your book unique (and why people should care).


Wrapping up the mid-section of The Book Marketing Canvas is identifying exactly what makes this book unique.

Here we want to figure out what allows this book to stand out in a very noisy crowd. It will be different for every book.

It could be one of the following:

  • Is it the authors credentials and testimonials?
  • Is the book the only one in a niche that is underserved in the Amazon marketplace?
  • Is it packaged or designed differently?
  • Something else?
  • Whatever makes this book stand out from the crowd (in a way that matters) gives us our edge.

We want to exploit this when it comes to promoting the book.


The Book Marketing Canvas UVP Notes

The Book Marketing Canvas [Google Sheets]

The Book Marketing Canvas [PowerPoint]

The Book Marketing Canvas [.PNG – print]

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