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A brief overview of Module 3: Monetize. Please watch this intro lesson before you jump into Module 3!

Module 3: Monetize

The Bestseller Book Launch Sequence

Step 1: Create a Book Launch Sequence Working Document

Step 2: Identify Key Players

Step 3: Set Your Launch Date

Step 4: Determine Your Goals

Step 5: Centralize all Materials for Your Book

Step 6: Create an Early Notification List

Step 7: Create an Ambassador Group

Step 8: Create Your Influencers Circle List

Step 9: Identify Alternative Marketing Channels

Step 10: Build Your High-Converting Book Sales Page

Step 11: Get Your Book Ready for Distribution

Step 12: Notify Ambassadors and Influencers

Step 13: Final Prep and Pre-Launch Marketing

Step 14: Launch


How to Create a High-Converting Book Sales Page

How to Find Influencers in Your Niche

How to Start an Ambassador Group

Content Upgrades

Promotional Tactics on a Budget

Paid Advertising

How to Find and Develop Themes in Your Book for Marketing and Promotion

Advanced Sales

Book Pricing Techniques

The Automated Book Sales Funnel

Book Bonuses


Tiered Book Packages


Affiliate Book Sales


Advanced Book Launch Strategies

The Gift-Launch (aka “The 7 Day Startup” Launch)

The Discount Re-Launch

The List-Builder Launch (aka “The Danny Iny” Launch)

The Book Bonus Blowout Launch (aka “The Jeff Goins” Launch)

The Crowdfunded Launch (aka “Seth Godin Icarus Deception Launch”)

The Blitzkrieg Launch (aka “The 4-Hour Workweek Launch”)

The Upsell Launch (aka “The Jeff Walker” Launch)

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