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First, thank  you so much for stopping by!

I know your time and attention are valuable, so let me make it worth your while…

I’m a Paid to Exist reader myself, not to mention a proud Trailblazer Lifetime Member.

I owe much of my success to the incredible content Jonathan creates and curates from some of the most talented people on the web.

It’s a privilege to have my content published on Paid to Exist, and I want to give back to this community of seriously incredible people – peers and friends who have helped me on my own path to success.

I know most of you are on your path to freedom, doing the hard, creative work building something personal, artistic, and profitable…

And I want to help you live life on your terms.

Here’s some of my most popular content that will help you do just that:

Keep Fighting: my personal story about victory, defeat, and never quitting.
Why Seeking the Tribe Will Destroy You: The conventional view is that tribes are necessary for your success. But if you’re the nonconforming outlier, this isn’t true. The tribe could destroy you.
4 Reasons to Start Before You’re Ready: Starting is hard. If you think you’re not ready, it’s even harder. Here are 4 reasons you should start before you’re ready (the success of your project depends on it)
The Creative Entrepreneur: The creative entrepreneur seeks to produce a business as an extension of his art and personality, something greater than himself, and does the hard, creative work every day to make that happen.

I really hope my content and my free products help you create your life’s work and live on your own terms.

If you like what you read, if the products and content help, then I ask you to join the Resistance – our growing army of artists and entrepreneurs creating their life’s work and living on their own terms.

Join the Resistance.

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