ITT 139: How to Achieve Self-Mastery with Johnny Helleland

Johnny Helleland In The Trenches Tom Morkes

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Johnny Helleland

Johnny Helleland is the creator of The MotionEffect and his story is a pretty interesting one. Johnny was able to overcome a rough childhood, including moving about 32 times and even living out of a tent, to become the number one Shopify expert in all of Norway.

In today's conversation, Johnny and I are going to talk about how he got to where he is today and we're also digging into his 7 Steps to Self-Mastery.

In this broadcast, Johnny Helleland and I talk about:

  • The story of how Johnny got to where he is today
  • How Johnny’s rough background provided him with skills he utilizes in his business
  • Johnny’s 7 Steps to Self-Mastery
  • Why are thoughts our so incredibly powerful
  • How we have the power to choose who we are and what we do
  • Johnny’s thoughts on how to determine what your path should be
  • Why you need to trust in both the universe and yourself
  • The step most of Johnny’s clients struggle with

And so much more.

How to connect with Johnny Helleland online:

Great quote from Johnny Helleland:

"You can’t figure out your life path if you stop walking." - @MrJohnnySir

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