ITT 182 - How to Protect Your Online Business From Hackers with Adam Anderson

in the trenches EP 182 - ITT 182 - How to Protect Your Online Business From Hackers with Adam Anderson

Adam Anderson is CEO of Hook-Security. He is also a long-time small business owner who happens to be one of the leading authorities on small business cybersecurity. This serial entrepreneur is an author, who has written several books on cyber security and cyber crime to help other business owners understand and navigate the digital world. Adam is on a mission to help fellow business owners find the answer to the question, “Should I even care about cybersecurity?”

I brought Adam onto the podcast today to talk about what small business owners and online entrepreneurs can do to stay safe online as we leverage online portals and platforms. We’re also going to be discussing what we can do to protect our online assets, websites, and our products from intellectual theft in the online space. My biggest takeaway from this chat is that security and protecting our online businesses from the start is one of the most important and crucial elements of what we do online.

In this broadcast, Adam and I talk about:

  • How Adam began his cybersecurity journey
  • What is Adam’s focus in his business now
  • Why it’s easy to be a target for hackers
  • How to keep your site safe from a cyber attack
  • What you should have in your business security policy
  • Does everyone need to be aware of cyber phishing
  • What is Adam’s rule when it comes to two-factor authentication
  • What specific type of people are more prone to be targeted
  • When does having too many employees get dangerous for your online security
  • What to do if you’re a heavy browser user or working in coffee shops
  • Is it typical that larger companies are already working with cybersecurity businesses
  • What are the most common problems with cybersecurity and businesses
  • Why you should be spending money on backups from ransomware
  • What is the purpose of a ransomware attack
  • Why is important to have a rock solid cybersecurity insurance policy
  • What is the importance of automatically pathing your machines
  • What is the basic antivirus software you should have

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