ITT 155: Breaking Through Your Upper Limits with Akira The Don

Akira the Don on In The Trenches

Akira The Don is a British musician, DJ, and producer. Akira has produced and co-written 3 UK top 40 hits and makes music for movies, video games, ad soundtracks, and more. More recently, Akira has developed a new series of lofi music remixes featuring audio clips from lectures and podcasts of people like Jocko Willink, Dr. Jordan Peterson, and Alan Watts among many others. In fact, Akira produced one of these lofi remixes based on my interview with Dr. Jordan Peterson.

You can listen to this special production here:

My greatest take away from my interview with Akira the Don is his attitude on continued education and self improvement. I found this a consistent theme throughout the interview; how he embraces this idea of always learning; at mastering whatever it is that he’s working on. Whether it’s mastering the art of rap when he first started out as a rapper, or how he’s now working on these lofi remixes - he’s constantly trying to improve and level up his own skillset.

His focus on personal growth and becoming a better person than the guy he was the day before I found to be a remarkable attitude and something that any of us could embrace and live.

In this broadcast, Akira the Don and I talk about:

  • How Akira got his start in music as a rapper, and how he's ended up one of LA's most popular DJs
  • What spurred Akira's "Meaning Wave" lofi remixes and how he knew it was a winning idea
  • How Akira developed an artistic vision that gives him the framework to decide which projects to work on and what to avoid
  • Why Akira has never thought about quitting the music industry, and how he's managed to navigate and succeed in a hyper-competitive landscape
  • What Akira is doing now to grow his audience and fanbase, and how he's growing his record label

And much more.

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How to connect with Akira the Don online:

Akira the Don on Art and Great Work

You can't save the world if you yourself are a mess. 

Akira the Don

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