ITT 145: Behind the Scenes of a 5-Figure Virtual Summit with Alexa Bigwarfe

alexa bigwarfe on in the trenches with tom morkes

Alexa Bigwarfe is the founder of, Kat Biggie Press, a book publishing imprint, and creator of the "Women in Publishing Summit." Alexa began her professional career in counter terrorism and Homeland Security, but due to the demanding nature of the job, she decided to stay at home with her two children. Shortly thereafter, she found out she was pregnant with two twins, who were diagnosed with a rare disease. She lost one of her children shortly after birth, which prompted her to write and share her experience to help other grieving mothers who suffered from the loss of loved ones.

Through her blogging, she connected with a community of other writers, and she published her first book "Sunshine After the Storm: A Survival Guide for the Grieving Mother." From this collaborative effort, she received many inquiries from aspiring authors who wanted to publish a book. So Alexa started a book publishing company, Kat Biggie Press, and began to offer book production and marketing services.

As things picked up, Alexa decided to run a virtual summit to generate new business. Unfortunately, it flopped financially, only making back 10% of her investment in the entire campaign. So she tried again, with her second summit. This was, in her words, another disaster.

But Alexa didn't quit - she knew there was great upside potential if she could get a virtual summit off the ground the right way. So she started to prepare for a third and final shot at growing her business, and that's when we connected.

In Alexa's own words:

"And then Tom came into my life right as I was getting ready to do number 3 and the results were quite different..."

In fact, not only was this summit profitable, unlike the first two campaigns she ran, but she generated 207 sales (and counting, as sales are still rolling in) of her All Access Pass, and launched a group coaching program, all of which led to just shy of $20,000 (which doesn't include additional client work she's received as a direct result of her successful summit).

In today's discussion, we dig into her story and go behind-the-scenes of her campaign, including what worked and what didn't...

In this broadcast, Alexa Bigwarfe and I talk about:

  • How Alexa got her start in publishing
  • Why Alexa decided to run her first virtual summit
  • How her first two virtual summits were "disasters"...and what she did different for her third summit that changed everything for her business
  • How to get people to buy an "All Access Pass" to your virtual summit (hint: it doesn't happy naturally)
  • One tip I gave Alexa that helped her generate over 200 sales from her summit
  • Why a "content / partnership" strategy is so important (and how this strategy helped her make just shy of $20,000 from her most recent virtual summit)
  • How to deal with trolls and haters (and why they are inevitable when you start reaching any level of success)

And much more.

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Great quote from ALEXA BIGWARFE:

“I have big goals and hopes for the Women in Publishing's really sparked something bigger for me...and it's because of an intense strategy.”  - Alexa Bigwarfe

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