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ITT 107: How to Build Multiple Businesses at Once with Anthony Tran

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Anthony Tran noticed a gap in the market when his WordPress design clients constantly asked if he knew anyone who could help provide ongoing WordPress support and website management. So, he filled that gap by creating his latest business, Access WP. He continues to successfully grow both businesses at the same time and that’s why I can’t wait for you to check out this episode.

He continues to successfully grow both businesses at the same time and, in this episode, we’re going to find out how.

In this broadcast, Anthony Tran and I talk about:

  • The types of services Access WP offers
  • Why Anthony only utilizes U.S. based developers
  • How Anthony’s able to keep his rates low
  • The challenges Anthony experienced while building Access WP
  • Anthony’s biggest avenues for growth
  • How The E-Myth by Michael Gerber influenced Anthony’s business decisions
  • Anthony’s staff structure
  • Why Anthony’s able to grow two businesses at once
  • How Anthony built the systems for his business

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“I know if we want to grow, I can’t be working in the business. I need to be working on the business.” – @AnthonyTranMAP

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  • Nice podcast guys, I’ve been challenged by this same situation – trying to build multiple businesses at once, though mine are unrelated. What I find the hardest is knowing whether it’s entrepreneurial “shiny object syndrome”, or pursuing some really good ideas that have merit.

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