ITT 169: Behind the Scenes of a Million Dollar YouTube Business

in the trenches EP 169 1 - ITT 169: Behind the Scenes of a Million Dollar YouTube Business

Antonio Centeno, originally a US marine, worked for Google writing over 100 men’s style and fashion articles that have over 800,000 views. Today, with over 11 years of experience in men’s style, Antonio is CEO of Real Men Real Style where he creates videos, podcasts, and articles on Men’s Style. With a focus on dressing men to impact others and make more money, Antonio has turned his content platform into a million dollar business.

Today, I sit down with Antonio to better understand what it takes to monetize content (to the tune of 7-figures), reframe failure, and create meaningful relationships.

In this broadcast, Antonio and I talk about:

  • How to start creating content and monetizing it fast
  • How to bounce back from failure
  • Why creating content to sell information rather than products is an important differentiation
  • How creating content for larger profit items is a more streamlined approach to make money
  • Why three types of people are attracted to content
  • Why Antonio chooses to host events and why he does it even with little to no profit
  • How limiting the number of people who can attend events is beneficial for a business
  • The pros and cons of an in-person event versus an online event
  • The importance of true relationships in business and how events can nurture them
  • Why it is important to plan events and content with the end in mind
  • How to fill events without a website sales page

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