ITT 171: Starting a Member-Owned Cooperative Online with Barth Getto

in the trenches EP 171 - ITT 171: Starting a Member-Owned Cooperative Online with Barth Getto

In this episode, I discuss e-commerce cooperatives with Barth Getto, Owner of Empowery. Barth has an extensive background in marketing, and decided to put his skillset to use helping small businesses via Empowery. Empowery is a member-owned e-commerce cooperative that is focused on giving cooperative members a broad range of insight into the e-commerce industry, daily support, and key data that helps make pivotal e-commerce decisions. When you are a part of a cooperative, you have the knowledge of the cooperative at your fingertips.

Barth gives us an in-depth look at cooperatives with a focus on his e-commerce cooperative. Barth highlights why being a part of a cooperative is a powerful tool especially when you are developing your own e-commerce business.

In this broadcast, Barth and I talk about:

  • How cooperatives play a specific role in a segmented market
  • Why Barth chose a cooperative model in this company
  • How Barth´s company helps people selling products online
  • How can you join Barth's network
  • Why being in a cooperative provides you with key data that you can leverage
  • How the cooperative solves members day to day problems
  • In what scenario you would be a good fit for the cooperative
  • How the cooperative supports its members
  • Why the cooperative is a non-profit
  • How you can join the cooperative and the costs to join
  • How Barth drives growth in the cooperative
  • What makes starting a cooperative difficult
  • Why entry costs are barring competition from entering this unique space

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