ITT 097: How to Write Daily Emails That Will Boost Revenue with Ben Settle

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Ben Settle is one of my personal favorite copywriters and I read his newsletter every single day. He's also the author of a series of novels about a zombie cop and is on the show today to explain how, and why, you should start a daily email newsletter to help boost your revenue.

In this broadcast, Ben Settle and I talk about:

  • How Ben started copywriting and email marketing
  • The fundamentals of starting a daily email newsletter
  • How to determine whether to place content in a blog post or an email
  • Should you place a minimum word count on your writing?
  • Why you should write daily emails even if you have zero subscribers
  • How to master storytelling in your emails

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“I like to give people the principles and then I like to sell them the tactics.” - @BenSettle

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