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Vagabonding 101:

Benjamin Jenks

Have you ever wanted to pick up your backpack, head out the door and leave your world behind?

In a very real way, that’s exactly what Benjamin Jenks did.

Most people only dream of backpacking across the country – Benjamin took action.

But Benjamin didn’t set out onto the open road to run away from anything – he set out to overcome his shyness.

What followed was over 23,000 miles of hitchhiking across the United States while couch surfing for over 400 days.  In the process, Benjamin met and interacted with dozens of people, had some crazy adventures and overcame his shyness once and for all.

Talk about a crash course in fear conquering.

In today’s broadcast, Benjamin and I talk about what it’s like to face fear head on, hitchhike across the United States, create viral videos and how he managed to afford his lifestyle through online business.

Don’t think it’s possible to live whatever type of lifestyle you’d like to live?  Maybe you need to listen to this interview to see just how possible any lifestyle is if you put your heart and energy into it.

If you’re interested in traveling for cheap, building a business while travelling, or fear conquering, definitely check out this interview.

Words to live by:

When in doubt: “Trust your gut. |tweet this|

Stuff we talk about:

  • SXSW – why you should go (and why you don’t necessarily need a ticket)
  • How to overcome shyness (it’s not for the faint of heart)
  • How hitchhiking can change your life
  • How to create viral videos
  • Why it’s so important to create something tangibly beneficial for your audience
  • Why creating a sustainable online businesses might be harder than people make it out to be
  • Why the 4 hour workweek doesn't work (but how lifestyle design can work)
  • How to create a profitable product online
  • Why acting even if you’re not sure it will work sometimes makes the most sense.
  • How to work on Elance and Craigslist to make money while you travel
  • Why attitude is more important than any gadget or gear for your world travels

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