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ITT 071: How to Create 6-Figure Courses with Breanne Dyck

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71 Breanne Dyck In The Trenches Podcast Tom Morkes
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Breanne-Tree-ProfileBreanne Dyck is an author, learning strategist, and operations consultant. She helps microbusinesses (and their owners) make more money and have a bigger impact by applying the principles of adult learning in their digital course design.

In this broadcast, Breanne Dyck and I talk about:

  • How her experience taking courses as an entrepreneur led her to help other small business create amazing courses
  • Breanne explains how your core promise to customers is at the intersection of what they think they want and what you, as the expert, know they need
  • Why she recommends changing your perspective away from ‘What do I want to teach?’ toward ‘What do they want to do?’
  • Why Breanne thinks it is so important to listen and understand what your client thinks they want, even when we ‘know better,’ and how to use that same language to talk to your client about what they need
  • Two of the difficulties that content creators have that hold them back from being successful, including:
    1. Trying to create courses too early in their careers. Why people who skip the step of working with people one-on-one or in small groups miss out on the learning opportunities that come with that…
    2. People who assume the next step in their business is course creation because they are now busy.  Neglecting the important step of reflecting on the question of ‘Is creating this course a good fit for me and my business model?’
  • Breanne talks to us about transition points or benchmarks in business.  Recommended reading:
  • How Breanne came to a point where she knew she was most fulfilled by working one-on-one or in small groups rather that in large groups, and how she was been successful at doing that
  • We hear about Breanne’s hard analysis of her marketing strategies and why she now prefers introductions over referrals
  • Breanne recommends two article for those who are beginning their content creation journey and for those who are trying to improve their content

How to find Breanne online:

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  • Wow, so much wisdom dropped in this episode! Loved it! She’s so right about making sure you’re at the right stage in your business before deciding to scale. So much common sense, but the way she frames it, it really hits home. I can see why Breanne is a secret weapon! 🙂

  • This was a fantastic interview! Kudos to both you Tom for leading the questions, and Breanne for sharing so much incredible knowledge.
    I’m in the starting out phase, but just from the insights in this podcast, I’ll be shifting my approach, and am already feeling the relief from that decision.
    Great stuff!

  • Tom
    Appreciate your podcast and the value that it offers. Some guests with perspectives that I can learn from.

    Are you open to feedback?

    Perhaps you could ask just one question at a time, then allow the guest to answer. This will allows the interview to flow a bit more smoothly. Sometimes enthusiasm causes us (I’ve been guilty of this) to double up the questions. The best interviewers (Larry King, Howard Stern) are masters in asking short questions that elicit great answers.

    Thanks. Really enjoying this discovery.

    All the best,

    PS If you are reading this, you are the Resistance 😉

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