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ITT 052: How to Start an Online Business with Bree Brouwer

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52 Bree Brouwer In The Trenches Podcast Tom Morkes
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Geek-And-Prosper-Bree-Brouwer-GGC-300x450Bree Brouwer is a freelance blogger and digital new media writer, recently launching her site, GeekAndProsper.com. She is also a writer at Tubefilter.com.

Bree is native to Arizona and has always been a writer. During college, she started getting more into business and developing her entrepreneurial spirit.

What Bree Brouwer and I talk about in today’s broadcast:

  • How Bree became a writer at TubeFilter
  • The writing process Bree developed at TubeFilter
  • Why Bree decided to start GeekandProsper.com and the struggles she experienced building it from scratch
  • Bree’s goal to replace her day job income through her online business

You can find Bree Brouwer online:

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