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ITT 079: How to Scale Your Agency with Brian Cristiano

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79 Brian Cristiano In The Trenches Podcast Tom Morkes
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brian-cristianoBrian Cristiano is the founder of ‘BOLD Worldwide’. His love of video and production helped moved him into advertising. Through BOLD, he has been able to help brands or teams connect with fitness, sports, and outdoor consumers.

In this broadcast, Brian Cristiano and I talk about:

  • How he has been able to leverage content to create engagement.
  • How he has been able to pitch to big name companies using old school business development techniques.
  • Growing a team, using freelancers to remain flexible, how to know when to transition work from contractors to full time staff members, as well as how to determine who your early key hires should be.
  • The benefits of moving away from a project based revenue model toward a consistently repeating revenue model.
  • The importance of asking potential clients pre-qualifying questions about budgets and expectations.
  • Brian’s weekly podcast called ‘Out of Scope’ where he talks about sports, business, and marketing.

How to find Brian Cristiano online:

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