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ITT 101: How to Manage and Monetize a Popular Blog with Bryce Bladon

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Bryce Bladon Clients From Hell

Bryce Bladon is a freelancer, consultant and one of the people currently behind one of the most popular Tumblr blogs in the entire world, Clients From Hell.

In this broadcast, Bryce Bladon and I talk about:

  • How Bryce started managing Clients from Hell
  • Some examples of how Clients from Hell has grown to what it is today
  • The importance of cyclical content
  • How the Clients From Hell platform is monetized
  • The balance between having sponsors and maintaining brand integrity
  • How Bryce decides what new projects to work on
  • The metrics Bryce uses to analyze the performance of the website
  • How time-consuming is managing Clients From Hell?
  • The future of Clients From Hell
  • Bryce’s aversion to social media platforms

How to connect with Bryce Bladon Online:

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“If there isn’t a product out there that I would’ve wanted, and needed, and found valuable … that’s what I’m going to do next.” – @BryceBladon

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