ITT 142: How to Build a Digital Marketing Agency with Travis Phipps

Travis Phipps In The Trenches Tom Morkes

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Travis Phipps

Travis Phipps is the CEO of Battle Bridge Labs; a digital marketing agency who works with several large-scale companies.

In this episode, Travis dives into how he built his agency, the various business models he’s tried, some Facebook features he thinks are game-changers, and lots more.

In this broadcast, Travis Phipps and I talk about:

  • What led Travis to his current business
  • How Travis landed his first digital marketing client
  • How Travis grew his business from a one-man shop to a full agency
  • Travis’ thoughts on how to best price agency work
  • Why Travis suggests every entrepreneur have an assistant
  • How Travis prices and sells his more labor-intensive services
  • The importance of choosing the right clients
  • The various business models Travis has tried for his agency
  • Why Travis has increased his Facebook ad spend for his clients from 15% to 50% in the past two years
  • Why your ads and calls-to-action need to be optimized for mobile devices
  • The Facebook feature Travis thinks is going to change the way we create leads in the future

And so much more.

In The Trenches with Tom Morkes on YouTube:

How to connect with Travis Phipps online:

Great quote from Travis Phipps:

“I think that it’s super powerful and it’s going to change the way that we create leads in the future.” - @LabsBattle

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